Who are these Critters you speak of?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

FSU Day @ The Capital

I know these posts are coming fast and furious. The Critters are still asleep. I guess they were a little tired after last night, the girls were not feeling too well.

Rian and Erica brought the Critters and Norah up to the Capital for FSU Day. The girls got to see the band and Brother got to see the cheerleaders and Garnet and Gold Girls. It was a nice little break in the day to see Rian and the Critters.

A few pics:

The Marching Chiefs rolling in.

The main attraction according to Brother.

CarCar and Dad.


Easter Egg Hunt 2011

We had an Easter Egg Hunt for the Critters on the Saturday before Easter. I am not sure if we hid the eggs quite good enough as the Critters did not miss one of them. Maybe I can attribute that to us having amazing bright children rather than poor egg hiding skills. The girls tied with 22 eggs and brother was right behind with 2o eggs. It did get a little vicious toward the end and some skirmishes had to be broken up over eggs.

Here are a few pics from the hunt:

Hadley has found a love for backpacks.

Brother barreling along.

Oh look, Peach has her backpack on.

Traffic jam.

Eureka, an undiscovered plethora of eggs!


Tallahassee Museum! Oh yea, I'm kinda back.

Session is almost done. I have a slew of blogs to get out just no time to do anything of real substance. This blog should have been posted in the middle of March since that is when we hit the museum.

We all headed over to the museum and the Critters abso-freakin-lutely loved it. Hadley loved all of the animals that they had there. Reese liked riding on the wooden walkways, there were some inclines that he thought were a roller coaster. I was really actually surprised at how many animals that they had there. From foxes, to bears, to a Florida Panther. (I have recently learned that they just got two new baby panthers.) They even have Bald Eagles! Rian was a little concerned that the animals were going to climb the trees and pounce on us. I tried to play it down but the Bobcat could have absolutely attacked us from above.

After taking a few loops we decided to call it a day. Needless to say the kids slept great that afternoon.

Here are a few pics:

Brother sporting the popped collar!

H2O Break.

And why are you taking my picture?

Cypress Tree.

Barn Owls.

The wagon.

Bald Eagle.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma


Daddy is always gone and he didn't do this when we asked. Happy Birthday Momma!!!!!!!

Remember that it's Daddy's fault this is late. CarCar found a funny picture for you.


CarCar, Peach, and Brother