Who are these Critters you speak of?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tummy Time

Question: Who doesn't like lounging around on their tummy listening to music?

Answer: The Critters.

Tummy time in our house is quite the experience. It ranges from narcoleptic episodes to full blown nuclear meltdowns. The critters, while they know that tummy time is a useful activity, do not enjoy it one bit. These children can belt out noises that no child should be able to reach. If you really want to flush Al-Queda out of the hill in Afghanistan, just send the Critters and their activity mat over there. A few minutes of tummy time and you will have the terrorists running from their caves to surrender.

We have tried the floor nanny, aka - "the dog bed." Which coincidentally I have found Abbey making use of it. We have also tried the Patrick the Pup FAO Schwartz activity mat. The Critters don't even like the upper crust mat. Oh well, I guess we will just be listening to the ear splitting, bone rattling, window breaking screams for a little longer.

I have found something online that looks promising so I may order it in hopes of peace at our house.

If anyone out there in blog land has any suggestions Rian and I are all ears.

A few pics from tummy time:

Reese wondering why he has to do this.

Getting crowded on the ole Floor Nanny.

Typical pose by CarCar during tummy time.

This is what happens when you fall asleep during tummy time. It is a lot better that what happen in the fraternity, you could wake up with permanent marker all over you or missing an eyebrow.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Couple of Pics.

The Critters on the Couch.

I give you the "Lady Slayer."


Twenty Five things that I have learned so far.

Rian and I have had a crash course in baby raisin' in the past four months and here are a few things that we have learned:

1. I have learned to do most everything one-handed. If I really want to challenge myself I will try doing stuff with my left hand. (Crazy, I know).

2. Apparently we misplaced the manual that the hospital gave us. We seem to have way more questions than answers.

3. Baby spit-up isn't that gross.

4. Baby poop is that gross.

5. You suddenly start to worry about strange things, such as "Are her toes growing at the same rate?"

6. Formula. is. expensive. (Bring on the solid food.)

7. Target's return policy sucks.

8. Fisher Price baby swings are truly gifts from God.

9. Quiet time really is that good.

10. Time to your self evaporates quicker than gas on a hot sidewalk.

11. Baby's need a lot of accessories.

12. Finding decent boys clothes is difficult. Finding nice girls clothing is quite easy.

13. Whoever decided to put buttons on baby's clothes needs to be shot. Ya gotta go with snaps.
14. No matter what the noise is it seems that if it comes from a baby it is cute.

15. Most bibs suck. (Especially you, iPlay bibs.)

16. Abbey is great with the Critters.

17. I suddenly don't care if my clothes get dirty, as long as I'm having fun with the Critters. Your perspective definitely changes. (Anyone who knows me knows I like clothes (a lot) and am very particular about them.)

18. A smile from the Critter's can cure anything. (Similar to Tim Tebow's tears, according to Gator fans.) That will be the one and only mention of Tim Tebow in this blog. ever.

19. I didn't think it was possible to love three little things as much as I do.

20. Reese truly is a lady slayer.

21. It truly amazes me how long you can sit an watch children do absolutely nothing.

22. Soft spots on baby heads scare me. A lot.

23. Diaper companies really need to work on perfecting the art of keeping the pee in the diapers and not all over their clothes, positioners, and sheets.

24. Savor the time that they are young and cannot walk. It will be on once they get mobile.

25. The companies that make children's safety devices really didn't do a very good job. The kids always seem to be able to figure out ways around them, yet I am always confused on how to operate the devices, especially the ones for door handles.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


According to Rian we are prepared for hurricane season. The approach of Tropical Storm Claudette brought the topic up. Her plan is very simple, she heads to Atlanta with the critters and Abbey and I are left to protect the house. I think that Rian has visions of New Orleans post Katrina. I really don't think that the looting will quite reach that level here in Tallahassee. But to worry I will be prepared. If it does come to that point hopefully I can scare the looters off with a rake or maybe a small kitchen knife.

Unlike this tough guy, I will not be toting a shotgun to protect the casa.

I can just imagine the fun that the Abbster and I will have with no power and no way to cook. I guess it won't affect Abbey's ability to eat, but I would be living on fruit, cold soup, and goldfish crackers. Not to mention it will probably be in the mid-90s and 100% humidity. I almost forgot the mosquitoes, oh how I love those little guys.

This whole scenario has not even taken into account a tree falling on our home. That would just amplify the fun that Abbey and I would get to experience.

For everybody in Tallahassee feel free to head on over in the event of a hurricane to party at the our casa because you know I will be here.

If you do head on over, make sure to bring your umbrellas.


O Captain, My Captain.

Sorry to disappoint but this will not be an entry about the great Walt Whitman, but rather one about me steering the ship by myself while Rian is at training. I am happy to report - so far so good. I really thought that it would be a lot worse, but the little critters have been great. I have even been able to get some work done in between feedings.

I guess this plays into one of the biggest fallacies of having multiples. Wait for it --------- you can have a life. We are not going to shut ourselves in the house for nine months until we feel the entire world is safe, something that it will never be. Now don't get me wrong I will not be taking the Critters to a leper colony or a TB clinic, but I see no harm in taking them to Sage for brunch. Last time I checked Sage specialized in delicious food, not communicable diseases.

Another secret that I am going to let out is that it isn't that difficult to go places. You will need to be a little more organized but its not rocket science. All you need is a proper stroller, a sweet diaper bag, and a little patience. I treat it like an assembly line. Pop out car carrier, place in hatch area, remove critter, place in stroller, rinse and repeat. The critters and I will be making a trip out this afternoon to Costco and maybe the mall. I am excited to take the new Baby Bjorn for a spin, I really can't believe that I just wrote that I'm excited about trying out the Baby Bjorn.

Sorry for my rambling, but I just wanted to let any parents of multiples know our experience. It really isn't as bad as everyone tells you it is going to be.


Gratuitous Critter Shots Part Deux

Extreme Close up Reese.

Hadley flashing a little pose.

CarCar shooting a glance at mom.


Friday, August 14, 2009


Shhhhhhhh.....................everybody away from the windows. No, he won't notice all the cars on the street.

Okay here he comes! SURPRISE!

My wonderful wife decided to throw me a surprise 31st birthday party. She had me leave the house all day Saturday so she could spiff it up and get it ready. Rian had Eric of the Grahamily blog run interference. We hit the Miracle Five showing of Food, Inc. (New Leaf here I come.) After that rather informative and rather gory movie we hit one of my favorite places, The Fermentation Lounge for a few beers.

Then the fun began with my surprise party.
It was a great turn out and I appreciate everyone that came out to celebrate. Rian went with a beers and BBQ theme, two of the best things in life. You can really notice when you are getting older, due to the fact of all of the critters at the party. It was really amazing seeing all of those babies at the party.

Big shout out to Grandma Barbara for driving up on Saturday to surprise me.

After everyone got their fill of beer, BBQ, and party time we all relaxed the rest of the night with a few more beers. Along with a newly acquired sampler 12 pack from the Boulder Brewing Company. (Thanks to the Couch Family.)

Sunday we tried to dine with the upper crust of Tallahassee at Sage, but alas to no avail. The critters now balloon our party size to seven and it can become difficult to get a table. So we were off to our staple, Another Broken Egg Cafe. Aside from it being about as warm as death valley in the restaurant, the food was excellent. We capped off Sunday with dinner from Ray's Steel City, which if you haven't been there I definitely recommend it. It looks a little rough on the outside but the food and beer selection it great.

Now on to the pictures from the soiree:

Mary (who also did a great job with the flowers), Sally Kate, Holly, and Rian.

The spread on the dining room table, BBQ headquarters.

Appetizer station.

Party time.

More party time.

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more party time, there is.
The wonderful host.
Thanks again for a great party.

Gratuitous Critter Shot

Three's Company.
(I guess that Reese will have to be Jack Tripper. Hadley and Carson will just have to fight over who is Janet and Chrissy.)

The Critters Went Down (Well I guess actually up) to Georgia

Sorry I am a little behind on the ole posts. I was quite busy at the place of employment this week.

Well Saturday morning the Critters wanted to break out of the TLH and head north to greener pastures. Those pastures where in the little town of Thomasville. We piled in the car, and when I say piled I mean piled. We had four adults and three Critters in the Commander. Here is a seating chart for your reference:

If you squint you can make out the welcome to Georgia sign. Its a little difficult to get a good picture at 70mph.

After a short drive up there we headed into Liam's. The only thing that I knew about this place is that they didn't have anything ordinary on their menu and they had a coffee called the "rude awakening." I have to try any drink with that name. Well it surely lived up to billing. It came in a huge coffee cup, er bowl, that was reminiscent of the cups in So I Married an Axe Murderer. Let me tell you though, this coffee was pretty damn good.

The Rude Awakening.

Eerily similar.

For breakfast I had the pan perido (french toast). It was an interesting take on french toast, but not something that I would order again. Allison had the croquet madame, which looked really freaking good. Rian had the omelet, which she said was good, but looked blah to me. Kate had the quiche, which let me tell you I don't usually like quiche, and especially quiches with mushrooms but this was amazing. Oh I forgot that we also got beignets, which Rian said were as good as Cafe Du Monde, to which Kate promptly told to not speak such fallacies.

After breakfast we headed out to a little courtyard next to the restaurant to feed the Critters. This was their first outdoor dining experience. Nothing like a little sunshine, good scenery, and slightly chilled Neosure formula.

After that we headed back to Tallahassee, little did I know what was in store for the rest of the day...


Friday, August 7, 2009

Holy Jolt Cola

Speaking of Liam's, check out this drink that they serve.

Rude Awakening

3 shots espresso, 2 tbsp sugar, steamed milk and 1 eye-opening experience


I think that I will have my caffeine fix until mid-September.

If I can control the hand shaking I will report back about this caffeine explosion.


Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend

Well not everybody I guess.

We have another exciting weekend in store for us at the Meadows household. Grandma Kate zipped up from the Mouse House last night, and Rian's best friend Allison (Hadley's God Mother) is heading up today.

Allison has moved back to Orlando after an extended stay in Beantown, Boston for all of you not familiar with the reference. Home of baked beans, lobster rolls, and Red Sox Nation. Rian and I headed up to Boston for my birthday two years ago to visit Allison and head to an Orioles v. Red Sox's Game. It turns out this was one of the handful of games that Baltimore actually won. While up in Boston I also cultivated my love of lobster rolls. I really don't think that there is a much better sandwich (if we want to get technical it is actually more like a hoagie or sub) to be found on earth. I think that I was able to put down about three the week that we were there. While good on the tummy it wasn't so good on the wallet. Each mayolemonjuicesaltpepperandlobster goodness on a bun will set you back twenty bucks. While worth it in every sense of the word, it does give you a little pause.

Fenway Park

Off my tangent and back to the reason for this blog, the Critters. Rian, Kate, Allison, the Critters, and I will be heading up to Thomasville, Georgia for breakfast at Liam's. It is going to be quite a squeeze getting four adults and three children into the Commander. After Liam's we will probably stroll about for a little bit and then head back to the TLH. I apparently have the afternoon off, so I will take some time to get out for a beer or five. I'm not quite sure what the rest of the weekend will entail, but in the Meadows household there never seems to be a dull moment.

As always if anything earth shattering comes up this will be the first place to read about it, unless we somehow make the local news, which usually isn't a good thing.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bold New City of the South.

Rian and I were excited when Melanie said she was heading over from the Bold New City of the South, also known as Jacksonville. Two and a half hours and four billboards later Melanie arrived in the Capital City just in time for the 3PM feed. Nothing says welcome quite like being handed a kid and a bottle.

It was a great weekend. We hit most of the big spots of Tallahassee; Red Elephant, Target, Another Broken Egg, Lucy and Leo's Cupcakery, Governor's Square, and Grammy and Gee. As the out of town folks can now tell there really isn't that much here.

Melanie had a super weekend here but had to head back to the River City on Monday. The Critters hope that she will be back soon.

Melanie with CarCar. Apparently Reese and Hadley are either enjoying tummy time or were caught in a drive-by.


Thirty One?

The strange lady says, "Happy Birthday Chris."

Thirty one years old? Really? That's 16,304,411.8 minutes. That will really put it in perspective. You know if they did ten year reunions for college mine would be in two years. Really? Why do I suddenly feel as though my body is falling apart. Everything seems to be stiff and sore. On second thought that may be due to my lack of sleep.

This years birthday is quite different than previous years. Rian and I had taken to traveling on my birthday, from Boston to Peru to Estonia. I don't really think that the critters would do to well on a transatlantic flight. Although they would do quite well with the leg room. In all honesty though this has been the best birthday I have had. There is nothing quite like starting your birthday at 3AM. In a previous life, I would be ending my birthday around that time. It was a great day though, I got to spend it with the three little critters. We had breakfast at Another Broken Egg with Melanie, Rian and the Critters. As always I went with Popeye's Favorite. Then on to Target to get some diapers. Not quite what people think of when they think of a big birthday bash. On to the 3PM feeding and then on to the mall to get Rian some clothes. Clothes for Rian? Wait who's birthday is this? Let me check the calendar, no its not April 9th. Oh well, she is happy with her new threads. Don't fret, I will also be getting some new threads. Unfortunately I don't get instant satisfaction due to the fact we don't have the J. Crew in town.

Well I will leave you all with some pictures from previous birthdays. Didn't get any pictures this year due to enjoying the day a little too much.

Tallinn, Estonia, 2006.

Flavor Graveyard, Ben and Jerry's, Vermont, 2007.

Peru, 4:45 AM, August 2, 2008.

Aguas Calientes, Peru, 2008.

Birthday Lunch, Aguas Calientes, Peru, 2008.
(Note: there appears to be a familiar business card to the left of my head. Maybe someone in Peru will have an insurance regulation question.)

Damn good beer. Period.