Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

6 Months or 1/2 Birthday

Did you know that some folks throw their baby a 1/2 birthday party. As you can probably guess everything is in 1/2 increments. Inventive, huh? Through the magic of Google, I have gathered some of the most interesting ways to celebrate a half birthday.

1. Make a cake and cut it in half (noticeably in half).

2. Blow up balloons halfway. I am sure the lady at Publix would look at you like you were a freak if you requested this.

3. This is one of my favorites from a person online - "give everyone 1/2 a paper plate, 1/2 a napkin, and 1/2 a paper cup (and it's eco-friendly too!)" This sounds like a train wreck to me. Who gives you half a paper plate and more importantly half a cup? Its like those stupid MGD64 beer commercials.

Oh well, needless to say we had a private family affair complete with formula and rice cereal. Here are some shots of the Critters on their big 1/2 day.

CarCar giving the camera some love.



Hadley Ann.


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Critters are in search of the Great Pumpkin.

Mom, Dad and the Critters are officially gearing up for their first Halloween. The costumes are being finalized and the candy is ready to go. Unfortunately, after going to Target yesterday to get decorations, we realized we should already be decorating for Christmas. Screw Thanksgiving. Mom apparently takes Halloween decorating a little more serious that I do, but we managed to get some lights, spiderwebs, and some super spooky pumpkin trash bags. I must take a minute to commend whomever came up with this idea. Its genius, it holds yard waste, makes the yard semi-spooky and on November 1st gets chucked with the yard debris.

We made our way to the pumpkin patch at Faith Presbyterian Church on Saturday. The Critters were ready to find the perfect pumpkin. Lo and behold we run into Mary, Holly, and little Sally Kate at the patch. After a fun filled photo shoot Reese and I wandered off and decided on a pumpkin. Unfortunately we are not yet to the age where Reese can carry the pumpkin to the cashier, so I had to roll the pumpkin onto my foot and pick it up that way, all the while trying not to drop Brother. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a white pumpkin for dog sister. She was none too happy and immediately demanded that we go in search of one at the other pumpkin patch.

After the patch we decided to grab a quick bite at Po'Boys. Lets just say that this was the quickest bit that we have ever gotten. First, we are sat at this table directly behind the hostess station which could legitimately hold maybe three adults. I am not sure who thought that two adults and three infant carriers could squeeze in there. So after I perform a contortionist routine to get into my seat we order some beers and fried pickles. I looked at my watch and noticed that we were beginning to butt up against the seven o'clock feed. That thought quickly left my mind as we were watching the football. Unfortunately, once Tennessee had its field goal blocked with time expiring, Brother went into a full fledged meltdown. To add insult to injury not only did he just see Tennessee lose, but then (SEC)ESPN decided to show Timmy Tebow and Urban Meyer. Unfortunately Brother's meltdown was only heighten by this unfortunate decision by ESPN. Meanwhile CarCar decided to get in on the action. So now both adults are trying to run interference on the Critters. Luckily, Hadley, yes Hadley, was the calm amidst the storm. She just calmly napped while all hell broke loose. So when the waitress brought us our food we quickly asked for to-go boxes and she got those things pronto. I was amazed at how quickly she had those boxes to our table, we all know that things don't usually run too swiftly at Po'Boys. Luckily we were out of there quickly and headed home to feed. Nothing quite like a shrimp po'boy an hour and a half after you order it. I remember asking Rian, "Was this a hot sandwich?" Her reply, "At one time."

Sorry for my rambling, on to the pictures:

I had the Poltergeist Clown scare me, Reese has this creepy one to scare him.

The Fam.

The Critters + One (Sally Kate)

The Critters in search of the Great Pumpkin.

Mom and the gals.

The Gals. (Mary w/ CarCar, Mom w/ Hadley, and Holly w/ Sally Kate)

Reese - 10/24/09


Friday, October 23, 2009

Love and Marriage

The Mrs. and I were able to leave the house Critter free on Saturday. We attended the wedding of Kristin and Jason. Grandma Kate came up to watch after the little ones. Lets just say that it was a great day for a wedding. It was about fifty eight degrees during the day, very, very rare for Tallahassee these days. It was nice not to be drenched in sweat two minutes after walking out the door.

The wedding ceremony was held in downtown Tallahassee. "Downtown" and "Tallahassee" just don't really seem to go together. After the ceremony we headed to the Florida State University Alumni Center, which was a nice little place. The cocktail portion was held outside under a huge oak tree. Beer, wine and frozen drinks were flowing all around. It was a little brisk while we were outside, but someone turned that into an advantage and talked the planner into letting us into a conference room to watch the end of the gator game. After suffering through the tebow worship and bad calls, we heading into the reception. It was a nice setup in the hall and our table was in great proximity to the bar.

After the reception we were all off to Level 8 (Hotel Duval). Rian and I stayed for a drink and figured that it was time to pack it in. I don't think that I have purposely seen that side of midnight in quite a while.

Here are some pics from the wedding:


Me and the Mrs.

Alumni Center Ballroom.

Wedding Cake.

Grooms Cake. Its a USCe Gamecocks Cake.

The Happy Couple.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can't Wait for the Rehearsal Dinner.

Hadley is not going to be a fan of us at the rehearsal dinner. Can't you just see these pictures appearing in a photo montage. I sure can!

Just to fill you guys in, Rian thought it would be funny for Hadley to wear her brother's shorts on her head for a while.


We Have Video

While not on the same level as the moon landing, we have taken some video of the Critters with Rian Point and Shoot.




No not for black beans and rice or pork fried rice, this type of rice seems to resemble mush rather than something edible. Sunday was the big day for the Critters. Their first taste of pseudo-solid food. I really don't get why people refer to rice cereal as a solid, it seems to be one of the furthest things from it. Well after carefully reading the instructions for first time use, it was go time.

I don't really think that any of the Critters really enjoyed the experience except perhaps Reese. There was a hint of a smile coming through all of the cereal running down his face.

Documentary Evidence:

CarCar preparing herself.

First Spoonful.

Reaction - I am going to guess by the tongue she didn't enjoy it.

Another thumbs-down moment.

Brother is a little unsure about this business.

Seal of Approval by Brother.

I don't think any words are needed.

Just in case you didn't realize it from the picture above, Hadley did not enjoy the rice cereal.


Friday, October 16, 2009


Here is a shot of our group as we toured the inside of Doak Campbell Stadium.


This One's For The Girls

Quick who sang this song?

Anyway here are a few pics of CarCar and Hadley:

We are two-fifths of the way to spelling my name.

Mom, Dad, CarCar, and Hadley.

CarCar sporting a sweet matching hat and dress. Very vogue of her.


CarCar and Socks

I think that it just needs to be said now to get it out of the way, CarCar has the perfect feet to wear socks. I am not saying that she has gnarly feet, quite the opposite, she has the most perfect little toes, but there is just something about her with socks on that seems, well, perfect. (I know that I am slightly biased.)

Here is some photographic evidence:

CarCar modeling her little white socks.

A close up to hammer home, and convince everyone that she does indeed have the perfect feet for socks.


Little Britches

Brother has reached that big milestone in his life, he has his first pair of jeans. Every little boy needs at least one pair of jeans, I mean its an American Icon right. Could he be the next James Dean; jeans, white tee (minus the cigarette pack rolled up in the sleeve). Reese has made the jump now from cutesy baby clothes to big guy britches.

Stay tuned for some pictures of brother actually in his new pair of jeans.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Preview

Hadley as "The Great Pumpkin."

On the Subject of College

After letting the world know of Reese's future intentions I feel it is only right to let everyone know that the girls have also made their decisions on future schools, although for very different reasons than Reese. It appears that we will not have a legacy that attends THE Florida State University. The Critters will not be able to check that every important legacy box on their college application. We will be a family of SEC'ers and a Big XII'er.

After long deliberation Carson has decided that she will be attending The University of Texas in Austin. As of now CarCar is still undecided what avenue she will pursue in college, she just knows that she will have a kickass time in Austin.

So as CarCar screams "Hook'em Horns" we can all start to sing the Fight Song of the University of Texas:
Texas Fight, Texas Fight,
And it's goodbye to A&M.
Texas Fight, Texas Fight,
And we'll put over one more win.
Texas Fight, Texas Fight,
For it's Texas that we love best.
Give 'em Hell, Give 'em Hell, Go Horns Go,
And it's good-bye to all the rest!
Yea Orange! Yea White!
Yea Longhorns! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Texas Fight! Texas Fight,
Yea Texas Fight!
Texas Fight! Texas Fight,
Yea Texas Fight!
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
All the livelong day.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
You cannot get away.
Texas Fight, Texas Fight,
For it's Texas that we love best.
Hail, Hail, The gang's all here,

And it's good-bye to all the rest!

As will all decisions in the family we laid out all of the pros and cons of this decision by CarCar.

1. Cool campus with great football program.
2. South by Southwest.
3. Quality Education.
4. Possibility of marrying the son of an oil tycoon.
5. Good BBQ.

1. Tuition - but fear not CarCar will be exceptionally bright!
2. 14 hour drive.

On to the Hadster. She has decided to join her brother and attend an SEC school. Don't get your hopes up, its not that school down south! She will find herself partying in The Grove on Saturdays in the fall. According to Hadley she will be attending the University of Mississippi, affectionately known as "Ole Miss."

As with CarCar, Hadley has listed her major as undecided with a minor in partying. Me thinks she will be the wild child. So toss on a sundress or a button-down and khakis and join Hadley at the tailgate down in The Grove.

1. The Grove.
2. The Grove.
3. The Grove.
4. Good Old Southern School.
5. Somewhat close to brother.

1. The pesky issue of tuition.
2. Football team that folds like a cheap suit.

As you all can see the Critters will be spread out all throughout the Southeast. Fear not I have devised a plan in which we can get all of them to college. Unfortunately Rian and I will have to divide and conquer. I have a feeling that Rian will fly with CarCar to Austin, while I am left to drive brother and Hadster to their respective universities. I can't wait to be crammed in a car with Hadley and Reese and all of their dorm room accoutrements. The car will be bursting at the seams with twin extra-long sheets and comforters, computers, and God only knows what else. What exactly does a lady slayer take to school?

I know that you all are jealous of my Microsoft Paint skills.

Oh well, we have a few years to plan out our routes. CarCar and Hadley just wanted me to let you all know that they have made their decisions and feel free to mark your calendars for graduation.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Phone Camera Pics

CarCar letting me know what she thought about me taking her picture.


CarCar with a huge smile.

Monday, October 5, 2009

An Open Letter to the Critters

Hey Critters, its your dad in cyberspace. I just wanted to write you a letter to know how proud and honored I am to be your father. I can't believe that it has been five months since you came into this world. There have been quite a few laughs and probably just as many tears in that short time. I still can't get over how fast time is moving. I can remember when your mother was pregnant I wanted time to move so fast so you could get here and I could make sure everything was okay with you all. Now I just want to move in slow motion so I don't miss a thing.

Carson, you have blossomed into one of the sweetest little girls in the world. You were the quiet one for so long, but now you have found your voice. Your mom and I just need to remember that you are on CarCar time and you will do things as you see fit. You have quite possibly the sweetest little laugh. "Here comes the mouse from.................." I hope that this gives you a laugh when you can read this. So as I have said Carson you are dad's soft spoken, super sweet little girl.

Reese, you do everything to please your mom and me. I don't think that we could have gotten a better little big guy. You nap when you are supposed to and you can generally tell when mom and dad need a little break. You are also one of the most sensitive little guys that I have seen. We could tell when you were in the NICU that you were talking to us with your eyes. The moment that comes to mind is when you looked at your mother and said, "Mama, everything is gonna be all right. Sisters and I will be out of here real soon." You have grown so much since the first time that I saw you. I know that they grouped you as a "wimpy little white boy," but big guy you have fought and grown like a true little champ.

Hadley, or should I say "Heavy H." You have always been the strongest of the bunch and I have a feeling that that will place out the same in the future. You have a little sister and brother (by mere minutes) to watch after. You have grown into such a wonderful little girl. I don't think anyone can laugh and smile like you, just this mouth open grin with one of the most wonderful little laugh noises that you will hear. I really think that you are hitting your stride now and it is both wonderful and a little sad at the same time. Wonderful because you are growing and developing at a super rate, but in the same breath a little sad because you are growing so fast. You have mastered to roll over from stomach to back and you almost have the back to stomach figured out. Keep on keepin' on Hadster. Dad is so proud of how you are doing.

I know that there will be so many good times in the future for us to enjoy I just wanted to let you guys know how much I truly love being your father. Now, I won't say that there has not been any frustrating times, but those are so far outweighed by the good times they are easily forgotten. Please just keep on doing what you guys are doing and you will grow into the big critters that your mother and I envisioned.

Just remember that no matter how frustrated we get, your mother and I still love you guys and we would not change our situation for the world.