Who are these Critters you speak of?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kingdom of Sweets

The girls, Rian, and I headed over to Dorothy B. Oven Park for the Tallahassee Ballet's Kingdom of Sweets. It was a little chilly but overall it was a beautiful day for the event. We first stopped to get the girls picture taken with a character from The Nutcracker, and no I have no idea which one. It turned out to be a great picture of both, yes both girls looking at the camera. After that we headed to get the girls some grub, it was a pretty nice spread. Lots of sweets, hence the name of the event. I think the girls got their fill of sugar that day.

After that we let the girls run around a little bit to burn off some of their excess energy. CarCar took it upon herself to become the grounds crew and she literally picked up every leaf in this field and made a neat little pile. Hadley had her red bouncy balloon to entertain her. The girls had a great time there and I know that Brother had a good time with Aunt Donna at home watching football instead of napping.

Here are a few pics:

CarCar and Hadster running off some energy.

Groundskeeper CarCar.

CarCar on a bench.

Still running.

No, don't worry about decorating my cookie, I'll just eat it thank you.


Friday, November 12, 2010


Well I have finally hit 200 posts. That number seems like a lot, but in reality I fell as though I have neglected the blog for a little bit. Life has been a little hectic lately, especially this week. We had the perfect storm of sickness blow through our house and not even George Clooney could save or ship. Rian had the flu and a sinus infection and the Critters were just getting over colds. As of publication time of this post I have yet to get the sickness.

There has not been too much otherwise going on at our house. We have a busy few weeks coming up. We are hitting the FSU game this weekend and then Orlando for Thanksgiving.

I have also been asked to do a product review for CSNstores.com. This company has over 200 websites (I know you caught the tie-in to the post title) which sell everything from children's toys to bar tables and stools. Check it out if you get a chance.

I have a few posts ready to go so definitely check back in next week.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch, Take Two.

Where's the Great Pumpkin?

We headed up the Pumpkin Patch at Faith Presbyterian Church, same as Trunk or Treat, to pick out our pumpkin this year. We were accompanied by our awesome Critter-sitter Lindsay. Let's just say that we began our search for our pumpkin a little late this year, it was slim pickins. After circling the "patch" a half dozen times we finally agreed on one.

Here our a few picks from our journey:

Critter-sitter Lindsay and the Critters.

Hadley looking at pumpkins, Carson looking at dirt.

Another unsuccessful try at a picture in front of the sign.

Hadley trying to find the perfect pumpkin.

I just like this picture of Hadley.

Same picture with a little editing.


Trunk or Treat 2.0

Well we rounded up the Critters for another go around at the annual Trunk or Treat event at Faith Presbyterian Church. Aunt Donna came along with us this year. We started out the evening with the Choo Choo Wagon, but the Critters quickly let us know that that would like to walk around in all different directions.

We were having a great time but it unfortunately went downhill quickly, you see, the Critters were just too excited about Trunk or Treat they forgot to take naps. Hadley was in prime form that night in an epic melt down. We had to quickly usher the Critters home and get them to bed. It was a great time while it lasted and hopefully next year we can stay a little bit longer.


Hadley as a "peach."

CarCar playing the bumblebee.

Dad and Brother getting some candy.

Brother sifting through his treats.

Brother pondering the idea of how to get free candy year-round.

"Well hello there."