Who are these Critters you speak of?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tipping the Scales

Image courtesy of Art.com

Quick weight check (as of 7/22/09) for everyone:

Hadley: 9 lb 7 oz

Carson: 8 lb 14 oz

Reese: 8 lb 7 oz


Ain't No Party Like a Tummy Time Party

Well the Critters had their first "play date" last week (Sorry some of the posts are a little out of order.) Rian called it a "play date" but it looked more like babies laying on the ground and the girls chatting. She says the babies love it, I guess I will just have to take her word for it. Rian had Elaine from the Junior League with her little girl Addison, and Elaine's friend Lindsay with her little girl Brooklyn over.

From the looks of the play date the floor nanny was pushed to its limits. It was nice for the critters to have some interaction with their peers. I have included some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

CarCar trying to steal the spotlight.

The Critters chillin on the Floor Nanny.

The Critters and their new friends Addison and Brooklyn.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandma Barbara!


The Critters

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look Ma, no tubes!

Its official, Mr. Reese no longer has his stupid oxygen cannula and heart monitor.  Rian and I are so happy that the large circus style oxygen tank is out of the nursery.  We are also glad that he no longer has to wear the heart monitor, which let us know more often then not that the leads were broken.


Down from the ATL

Last weekend the critters got a visit from Reese's God Mother Laura and her daughter Olivia.  After a longer drive than expected that included the Georgia Highway patrol fully armed hunting a fugitive.

Laura and Olivia arrived Friday evening and stayed until Saturday night.  During this time Laura and Olivia took over the 3AM and 7AM feeding for all three critters, leaving Rian and I to enjoy 9 hours of interrupted sleep.  I forgot what a truly wonderful thing that is.

Around 2PM we decided to have lunch and Laura made her famous pimento cheese for sandwiches.  Man were those good.  I have been rationing it since.  It's Saturday and I still have a little bit left.

After lunch we took a spin around to show Laura and Olivia the sights of Tallahassee.  Anyone who lives here knows that didn't take too long.

I will leave you all with some pictures from our weekend.

Olivia and Mr. Reese.

Laura and the Trio.

Laura and Olivia with the Critters.

Critters with their new lovies.

Finally, Carson striking a pose.


Friday, July 17, 2009


Sweet Hadley, I just realized that I had not written a blog dedicated solely to you. First born, last blogged about.

What can you say about Hadley besides that she has beautiful eyes and eyelashes that most college aged girls would kill for.
Your name is of English origin and literally means "field of heather." While it says on the website that Hadley can be both a boys and girls name, I think that you are safe when it comes to people confusing you for the boy. Unfortunately for Reese and Carson they will have to deal with people always assuming that Reese is your sister and Carson your brother. They are firmly entrenched in the land of androgynous names.
Hadley, I must say that you are perfect in so many ways. Just the looks that you give mom and I can melt even the coldest heart, and it is near impossible to get mad at you even when you cry uncontrollably.
Now, on to the business of a nickname that you have picked up. "Peaches" While I understand the meaning behind this nickname, in reference to your flawless skin, "Peaches and Cream," I can only seem to associate this name with a woman who swings around a brass pole for a living. I know that I will have to shake this image from my brain because I am fighting a losing battle, but dad will do his best to come up with another nickname that does not conjure up images of Mons Venus.
But back to the serious stuff. I wanted to write a blog to you to let you know how much your mother and I love you. You are the oldest of our miracle babies and you will always be loved, that is unless you live up to the image I have of your nickname.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Just a quick update for you all. Rian has returned from her week long training in Orlando, and I survived, thanks in part to my mothers help. Actually it really wasn't that bad. The critters really are pretty good kiddos.

On Thursday, my mother and I took the critters to be weighed and let me tell you they certainly tipped the scale.

Hadley came in at a hefty 8 lb 6 oz. (That is up from 4 lb 5 oz on May 13.)

Reese surpassed his sister. He weighed in at 7 lb 9 oz. (That is up from 3 lb 5 oz on May 13th.)

Finally CarCar is weighing in at 7 lb 4 oz. (Up from 4 lb on May 13th.)

That is really all that is going on a Casa de Meadows these days. Although the critters did sleep for a four and a half hour stretch last night which was wonderful. Hadley even made it from the 11 PM feeding to the 7 AM feeding, albeit with some screaming for the last half hour.

I will update you all on Friday with the happenings of Rian's first week of her new job.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Open Letter from Dog Sister

Hey Dog Parents,

There are a few comments and questions that I have for you all.

First,  is this just some sort of trial period with those things?  Did you all just pick out a few to see which one you like the best and you will take back the other two?  How long is this said trial period?  As you notice from my frazzled appearance I need some sleep.

Second,  is there some sort of muzzle that you can buy?  There has got to be some sort of device to curb the crying and screaming.  See above comment about my lack of sleep.

Third,  when is the temperature in Tallahassee going to go down?  Going outside is the only time I have peace and quiet and a moment to myself (unless the UPS guys drives behind our house.)  It has been pushing the high nineties and if you haven't notice I have a very thick and luxurious coat of hair.  With said thick and luxurious coat of hair it gets rather hot.  One thing I will say is thank God for double paned windows, at least it keeps most of the noise from them inside the house.  I have another idea, how about we move them outside.  They don't have fur and I was here first.

Dog mom, don't worry when you see me sprawled out on the concrete out back, it is rather relaxing.  I know you get worried about me when you see me like that.  Also see above comment about the filtration of noise by the windows.

Forth, how do you propose that I go with you all in the car.  I have noticed three of those seats in the back seat, my back seat.  Just curious as to where I am supposed to fit because as you know I do not do boarding.

Feel free to respond to any of my questions above, especially the first one.  I just want to make sure that your trial period doesn't expire and we get stuck with all three of them.


Your dog Abbey.

P.S. Since I have posted this on your blog I figured that I would post a few pictures of moi.  Enjoy!
Striking a quick pose.

Me trying to get some sleep.  Something that doesn't seem to happen too often these days.

Moi, on my second birthday.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

Well it appears that we have a get down artist in our house.  Reese definitely has some moves for a small white boy with an oxygen tank!  It was difficult but I was able to catch his lightning quick moves.  These are a small sampling of his vast portfolio.  Watch out Travolta, this little guy is coming.

Reese showing Johnny T. what Saturday Night Fever really is.

Reese channeling the eighties with his robot arm swing.

This is a favorite amongst the ladies.  The sprinkler!

Finally this is Reese's signature move - Raising the Roof!

Hope you enjoyed this and look for Reese next season on ABC's Dancing with the Stars.


Bath Time

Bath time at the Meadows household is an every other day event.  I think that the critters wish that bath time didn't exist.  I can just see them saying, "why the hell are we getting baths, we don't get dirty, we don't really go anywhere, and every time we go to the bathroom you wipe us down, doesn't that count as our bath?"

To say that we are still experimenting with how to conduct bath time would be an understatement.  Everyone here seems to have their own method.  I utilize the method that I was taught in the NICU, and Rian uses the tube that was given to us by the NICU.  We tried the bath tub that we registered for but I got frustrated and gave up on that one for now, maybe  when they get a little bigger.  Speaking of baths, why are there so many damn choices of soaps, creams and lotions for babies.  You have your classic Johnson and Johnson's, your Aveeno Oatmeal Soap, every diaper brand soap, and your hippie Burt's Bees Soap (which I do prefer).  What is the point of so many different soaps?  

And since we are on the topic of soaps, most of the soaps claim "no more tears."  I am not sure this is a valid claim as there are plenty of tears in our household at bath time.  I will leave you with some pictures of CarCar's bath:


Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Back

Sorry for the brief hiatus.  The critters have been doing great and have had some big adventures in the past two weeks.

First things first, the critters got a visit from Grandpa Dave and Carol.  We had a great time during the visit and the critters got to meet and spend some quality time with their grandpa.

Grandpa Dave feeding CarCar.

The critters were also introduced to the concept of "tummy time."  I really am not sure they enjoy this in the least.  Rian received a contraption called the "Floor Nanny" which is supposed to aid in their "tummy time."  It resembles a circus striped dog bed.  See for yourself:

I assure you that the children are alive, and Rian claimed that the girls loved it.  You can draw your own conclusions.

The other big news was that the critters ventured out of the house for their first trip that wasn't to the doctor, kind of.  Rian, Grandma Kate and I headed over to Paula's Cabana Cafe for a swanky lunch.  The folks there were gracious enough to give us a private room to maximize the enjoyment for the critters and minimize my stress level.  After a great lunch we headed over for their 1-2 month check-up.  Everyone that has children knows that this means they were getting shots, four to be exact.  While they enjoyed the lunch they certainly did not enjoy that experience.
View from the third row in the Jeep.

Rian, the critters and me at Paula's

Fourth of July 2009.

Grandma Barbara, Rian and I had a great time on the Fourth.  We started the day with a trip to the mall to look at roof top carriers.  As you can guess this was not Rian's favorite part of the day.  After choosing a very sporty one, we attempted to load it into Grandma Barbara's car, which proved to be unsuccessful.  (For all of you all that were concerned, we were able to successfully bring the X-Cargo home on Sunday.)  After the big outing to the mall we all came home to have a little cookout with the Leparulo family.  We all had a great time grilling out and drinking a few beers (Sangria for the ladies.)  All in all it was a great day and a great two weeks.

The critters in their Fourth of July outfits. (Apparently something caught CarCar's attention off camera.)

The Meadows Family on the Fourth.

Well that is about all I have now, but I will be doing a blog a day this week to keep Rian up to date on the critters.  She is in Orlando for her orientation until Friday.  So until tomorrow I leave you with the coolest onesie that I have seen:

Conveniently entitled "I pity the drool."