Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Jacksonville Zoo

Rian had a weekend away over the Martin Luther King weekend and I was staring down the barrel of having the Critters solo for three days.  Slightly daunting now that they tend to run in three different directions.  Status quo for us is zone coverage on the kids and I would be down a (wo)man and my coverage skills are not good enough to do it solo for three days.  Deion Sanders I am not.  So luckily Grandma B came to the rescue with a suggestion to meet in Jacksonville.  We stayed in the same hotel that we did in July and we headed to the zoo again, and then up to Fernandina Beach on Sunday.
The weather was a bit cold, but it was sunny and the Critters had a blast at the zoo.  The Jacksonville Zoo is great and the Critters had a blast.  They especially enjoy the Merry-go-Round, six times over.  Luckily, we had the unlimited ride pass.  With the weather being cooler all of the animals were out too, I don't think we missed a single one.  In addition, the zoo has a train that circles it so you know that Brother was happy.
Sunday we headed over to Fernandina Beach to see Fort Clinch State Park.  There was an old fort there right on the beach.  The Critters had a great time running around there and collective shells.  It definitely gets you in the mood for weekends at St. George over the summer.  On the way back to pick up Grandma B's car we saw a Firehouse Subs, which the Critters are obsessed with.  I swear we might need to buy some of their stock.  After an uneventful drive home we got settled and anxiously awaited the return of "mom."
Here are a few picks from the weekend: 

Grandma B and the Critters.  Don't worry, while I know it appears that Hadley is taking great joy in choking Brother, she indeed was not - choking him that is.

Haddie and her new gorilla friend.  CarCar decided to get a piece of her head in the picture by Haddie's foot.

CarCar and the Jaguar, or "big kitty."  Just a point of reference: all large deadly cats are referred to as "big kitties" in our house.  We will have to have a life lesson down the road about the deadly nature of these animals and stress the fact that you can not hug all of them.

Haddie on the first go around on the Merry-go-Round.

Brother on Renegade.

Don't worry this was not the designated Florida Gator gator, this was the generic one.

CarCar on the Merry-go-Round

Brother feeding the giraffe.

CarCar feeding the giraffe.

The giraffe feeding area.

Fernandina Beach Lighthouse.

Fort Clinch.

Brother and the cannons.

You all know Brother's love of the American Flag.

Picking shells.




Haddie throwing shells.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Parks, Two Days - Part 2, Tom Brown

The following Sunday we headed over to the 'school bus park,' code name for the smaller playground on the back side of Tom Brown Park.  The Critters did what they do best and took the place over.  After a bit at the park and a loop around the lake to 'see the turtles,' also known as "Operation Wear Them Out," we headed to Tijuana Flats for a quick bit then off to the aboad for a nap.
Here are some pics from Day 2 of Two Parks:

Runnin' the show.

The Cat.

Brother would stay in the swing for hours if you let him.

CarCar giving a kick.

Afro in motion.


Haddie doing her 'funny face.'


Our walk around the lake, with cookies of course.

Two Parks, Two Days - Part I, Southwood

Rian had one of her half-day TJL meetings on a Saturday in January so it was just the Critters and I for the day.  We hit the local hot spot Krispy Kreme for some 'hot now' doughnuts.  Chocolate covered glazed for Kitty, Chocolate covered with Sprinkles for Brother, and Regular glazed for Haddie and Dad.  After that we hit the Southwood park which is perfect for Dad with three children who love to run in different directions.  The park is far removed from the road and the sight lines are tremendous.  I can see the Critters where ever they are.  The only downfall is the lack of bathrooms, but not to worry, Dad brings the 'magic potty' when we hit this park up.
After the park we headed over to Lofty Pursuits, for a classmates party.  Sorry, no pictures from that, it was like herding cats in there.  Three 3.5 year olds in a toy/ice cream store equals no pictures.
Here are some shots from our day:


Haddie and her horse.

CarCar talking to someone.

This child rarely slows down.

When she does, she loves to pick flowers.



The Trio.

A little relaxation.

CarCar showing off her flowers.

Haddie trying to look mean.  I am not sure how successful she was.

For some reason this reminds me of West Side Story, a battle between the Jets and the Sharks. 
(Note:  No child was harmed during the taking of this photo.)