Who are these Critters you speak of?

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Trifecta (The Critters Turn 3)

We had the Critter's birthday party mid-May.  It was a circus theme and the grandma's went all out.  We had a big-top tent, popcorn machine, circus train, and a real live pink haired (yes her real hair was pink) balloon animal making clown.  Throw in a boat load of kids and everyone seemed to have a great time.  It was quite hectic leading up to the party, but is was definitely all worth it in the end.  Aside from the cake not being quite what we expected (you'll understand when you see the picture) everything was perfect.

Here are some pics from the Critter's big day:

The Critter's having a cupcake on their actual birthday.
The spread.
The cake.  Not at all like the picture we gave them.  We did not request a demonic clown on the cake.  I would recommend that you avoid using Tasty Pastry in Tally.
My mom made this train from scratch.  It was awesome. The kids loved it.
Another shot.
The rents.
The big top.
The party is filling up.
Another shot.
The clown.  Her name was Star Cake.  Yes, I know that sounds like a strippers name.  Luckily, she stuck to balloon animals at the party.
Brother with an airplane.
Another shot of Star Cake.
She made Haddie a piggy.
Another shot of Haddie's piggy.
CarCar with a giraffe.
The retro popcorn machine.
The group shot. 
CarCar as Belle.  Aunt Donna surprised the girls with princess outfits.
Haddie as Sleeping Beauty.
Haddie's own place mat.  They loved these.
Brother being Brother.

Back with a Brother

After a long break, I'll fill you all in later with the reason, I am back with a pic of Brother.  We will have to remember this a the beginning of a burgeoning baseball career.  Notice him holding the ball like he is about to unleash a split-finger fastball.  Ignore the fact that he hasn't even started t-ball.  CarCar gave him the ball we caught at the FSU baseball game.