Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two Kitties and a Monkey

This post is a little bit behind. Over Labor Day weekend Rian, The Critters, Abbey, and I headed down to Orlando for a long weekend. The weather was beautiful and we found a great new (to us) park close to downtown Winter Park. During this jaunt we also headed to Build-a-Bear. My last experience with Build-a-Bear did not go very smoothly, well really not smooth at all (June 2011). About an hour before I got there they sold out of their last white Hello Kitty that CarCar and I were going to stuff. I really could have gone with out knowing that I missed it by just a few hours. The infamous white Hello Kitty was sold out in Orlando also. Apparently, it was going through an update and they were going to come out with a pink version in July.

Well this time I made sure that the Altamonte store had adequate stock levels for the animals I thought the kids would choose. Luckily they did and I was right on the animals that the girls would choose. CarCar went straight for the pink Hello Kitty and Haddie went right to the special edition Florida Panther animal. Haddie is obsessed with the Florida Panther, or 'big kitty.' At the children's museum here in Tally they have a Florida Panther which Haddie loves. She seems to think that it is looking at her lovingly when in reality she looks like a snack. But ignorance is bliss.

Reese took a little coaxing, he did not seem to want to be there in the beginning. Finally Grandma B helped him choose the monkey. After having them all stuffed and 'washed' we headed to the checkout which is always fun. The Critters don't seem to understand the fact that you need to pay for things and in order to pay for things the cashier needs to take them. They seem to think that this strange lady just took my animal that I just made and named. Luckily we made it past that stage with only a few outbursts.

Well the Critters now have Hello Kitty (pink), Big Kitty - The Florida Panther, and Giggles the monkey (complete with a monkey noise voice box).

Here are a few shots (notice how many people we brought, this allowed for maximum zone coverage):

Haddie went straight for 'big kitty.'

CarCar with a death grip on Hello Kitty.

Checking out - notice I am in the waaaaaay back away from the excitement.

Standard group shot on our way out.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Night, The Curtain Drops on the Striped Nursery Wall

There has been a little bit of construction going on over at the house. I won't share and photos of the girls' room (which is 95% complete) until I finish with Brother's room. I will share a few 'during' pictures of the nursery (Brother's room). Sadly, the striped wall did not fit with the motif that we have for Brother's room so Tuesday was the curtain call. It was a sad day as I rolled primer over the striped wall and the Critters names.

I will say that the color we chose for Brother's room (Nantucket Dune - SW) looks killer.

Here are a few 'during pics (remember to tip your forty for the striped wall):

The point of no return.

Last little corner.

The Critters names, painted by Mary.

The Critters names no more.


Monday, September 12, 2011

The Critter Sitter: As told with sidewalk chalk

Our Critter Sitter Amy took the kids out to the carport to play and this is what ensued:

A panoramic view.

The Critters, traced in chalk.




Hadley apparently wanted a hot dog.

CarCar kept pointing out airplanes.

And if you know anything about Reese you know he loves American flags.


Fairies: Can they be angry?

Rian, the Critters, and I headed to a birthday party @ the pool @ Southwood (aka the Disneyland of pools). It was Savannah's 1st birthday and much to CarCar and Haddie's delight, it had an Abbey Cadabby theme (although I think they got her confused with Zoe). The Critters got their fill of juice, food, and cake, Carson even decided to try to fill up her cup of lemonade herself - unsuccessfully I might add. After the some singing we all headed out to the pool. Well actually the three pools. One is a regular pool, one is a infant-type pool, and one is the playground pool.

The kids tentatively got into the playground pool and started to wade around. I took CarCar to the regular pool for a quick swim. I happened to look over and noticed the large bucket that dumps water over the playground was about to tip (dumping loads of water over the entire play area). I also noticed that Brother and Haddie did not realize it was a bout to unleash (don't worry they weren't in any danger). The bucket unloaded it's contents and you would have thought those two were trying to run to safety from a tsunami. They were screaming and running as fast as they could to the side of the play area. I know it sounds a little cruel, but it was kind of funny, actually to CarCar it was apparently really funny. Needless to say it took some coaxing to get them back in the area, but surprisingly Brother finally lead the charge. Well, later I was carrying CarCar around that area and we emerged from under the covered slide just in time to take the full brunt of the bucket. We were absolutely soaked.

Hey what does this have to do with fairies?

Well, the party favors, sans Brother were fairy wings. We gave them to the girls to play with this morning to play with and here are few pictures with their reactions.

The sweet, happy fairy.

The not so sweet, happy, well, kinda down right angry looking fairy.

The mood was apparently lightened by something.

Still happy and smiling.