Who are these Critters you speak of?

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Big 0-2

The Critter's birthday was last Friday and we had their birthday bash on Saturday. I will let you know ahead of time there are not as many pictures as I would have liked. Last year we hired a wonderful photog, but for some reason we opted against it this year. Bad, bad, bad idea. I can tell you that I certainly did not want to carry a camera around the entire party. How exactly am I supposed to hold my beer and snap pics at the same time?

The weather started out a bit iffy, and by iffy I mean a full fledged freakin thunderstorm, but it cleared up nicely before the party. We had a few quick sprinkles during the party, nothing bad, just enough to usher the kiddos inside.

We went for a jungle theme this year. There don't seem to be that many options when you are planning a unisex triplet party. Strange, huh? Everyone seemed to have a good time at the party and those that stayed until the end were treated with a Critter dance party with Ke$ha and Katy Perry blasting. Come to think of it maybe that is what chased off the last remaining folks. All in all it was a great day and a great party. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the Critters are 2, lets say that again, the Critters are two years old.

Here are some pics from the party. (Two of the shots you will see are from Mary, who just happened to be hobnobbing with the First Lady this week in DC, my old stomping ground.)

The Mr. and Mrs.

The spread. I know it does look like a lot but I promise you there was enough food.

The Critters opening presents from the super awesome Crittersitters.

It ain't a party for CarCar unless Hello Kitty is there.

We have found that Hadley does not share the same appreciation for balloons as CarCar. Actually, she hates them. Add it to the list along with ketchup.

Extinguishing the inferno. (picture courtesy of Mary.)

L to R: Brother, Crittersitter Amy, Hadley, Grandma B, Mom, CarCar.
(picture courtesy of Mary.)

Goodie Bags.


PS - I am only like 2000 votes behind the leader on the top 25 multiples blogs. There is still time, lets all catch our second wind and head over and vote.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife. It has truly been an interesting and wonderful eight years. Who would have thunk that on our eighth anniversary we would have two year old triplets. Here's to a wonderful wife, mother, and best friend. I love ya lots.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Taboo Subject for Parents of Multiples

I guess you all can gather what this post is about. Let me start off by saying that this is not to offend anyone and if you choose to use a tethering device for you child that is your decision. I have been thinking about this for a while, especially with three children who like to run now (usually in opposite directions). I can tell you all that both Rian and I have resisted in using leashes with the Critters. Oh, we own them. They are cleverly disguised as monkeys and dogs. However, their current use is as a stuffed animals that stay in the car. It may just be us but I just can't seem to get past the idea that leashes are for dogs. I will say that I have seen some strange things on leashes, cats, ferrets, and bunnies come to mind. I just can't see myself saying 'hey honey, let's go for a walk, don't forget to get the kid's leashes.'

It's still a leash.

I don't even know where to start with this.

We have taken the kids many places both with a stroller and without. Rian and I even venture out by ourselves with the kids. Actually, Rian does it quite often. She has just gotten the Critters to the point that they will hold hands with each other. I can tell you I called BS on this until I actually saw them do it, and they did it well. No misbehaving, no running out into traffic. Don't get me wrong, we still have devices that will keep the Critters contained when we go out in public, we just choose to use the Choo Choo Wagon. (Possibly the greatest device ever for parents of multiples.) I just keep getting this picture of myself looking like one of those dog walkers in NYC with a gaggle of dogs in tow. I could just see the Critters getting tangled up every two seconds in the leashes.

Explain the difference to me in these two pictures?

So let me flip this on you all, do you use leashes? Why?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 13, 2011 - Birthday

The Critters 2nd birthday was Friday (the 13th). Grandma Barbara and Grandma Kate were both up in Tally for the occasion. Grandma B got the Critters a playhouse for their birthday. Let's just say that this was a big hit around the house. Every other present was seemingly ignored once they saw this thing. They were running in and out of it, ringing the door bell, talking on the phone, and 'washing' their hands in the sink.

We have since moved the house to its permanent location outside and even got some grass (astro turf) to complete the look. There is even a new car (cozy coupe) parked outside of it.

Here it is:

The Mansion.

The Critters goin' wild in the house.


Good Bye Billy Ray

Brother went for his first haircut last Friday. He was really starting to get a fierce mullet going. We loaded up the car and headed to Rinse and Repeat, a child only salon here in Tally.

Brother was a little unsure and for a moment didn't want to lose the 'party in the back' but he quickly decided that he needed a more mature look to get the ladies. Ms. Suzi did a great job especially with Brothers quick ninja movements in the chair. How she doesn't cut ears off is a mystery to me.

He looks especially handsome after his big cut. Brother even got a certificate for his big day. Oh, speaking of big days, Friday was the Critters big 0-2. More on that later.

Pics from the chop:

Call Suzi, she is awesome.

The Before.

The After.

Billy Ray quietly shed a tear.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unfashionably Early

CarCar was a little early to the party. I have not idea but I think that this is the funniest picture. She apparently really wanted some pizza and a good spot at the table.

Oh, how did that little button get down there. Cool things happen if you click on the button and vote for behindthethree (just click the thumbs-up symbol next to the blog name).

Thanks again,


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vote For Me. I want to rule the blog universe!

If you get a sec please click on the Circle of Moms button that you see at the bottom of this post or conveniently located on the left side of the blog. You can vote one time per day, so feel free to click on it EVERYDAY to vote. While I am not a mom they still apparently choose me as a top 25 multiple parent. Oh how I have them fooled. But seriously vote for me, Brother commands you.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pure Sass

This picture just embodies Haddie's sass and attitude.


A Brother

A candid photo of Brother.



Haddie and CarCar


To Momma (An Open Letter from The Critters)


We are not quite sure how exactly we can thank you for everything that you do for us. We have yet to develop any marketable skills to help us earn money to buy you the gift that you so deserve. Some nights we sit in our cribs and talk about how we lucked out in getting the best mommy in the world. Who else would change our diapers, feed us, play with us, change our diapers, teach us, love us, change our diapers, take us to the park, have patience with us, show us all of the wonderful things the world has to offer, and oh yea, change our diapers. We have come to realize that it takes someone who is a very strong person to have patience with us and love us the way you do. You have sacrificed so much to give us the life that you think that we should have. Brother is still unsure how you keep from keeling over after a long day with us.

Daddy has told us on many occasions that we lucked out big time getting you as our mommy, but sometimes you have to see things with your own eyes to believe it. And with out six little eyes we truly have seen that we did indeed luck out in getting you as our mommy. It is nice to know that we have someone who will always be there for us to brush us off after we fall, kiss a boo boo, rescue our lovie from Abbey, or help us with any other challenge that comes our way. We know that we cannot tell you how much we appreciate you on a daily basis so we are taking this chance to tell you. Just remember that while we may not be able to vocalize it, every time that we flash you a smile, give you a hug, sneak a kiss, or want to be held, that is our way of telling you that we know how hard you work and we appreciate everything you do for us and Daddy.

We know that it has been a big adjustment for you with Dad's new job. It was a big adjustment for us too, we missed having Dad around. We must say that you did a great job in keeping things together on the home front and helping us through the transition. Also remember that while Dad may not say it enough he really does appreciate all of the hard work that you do.

We love you the mostest and hope that you had a great Mother's Day! (We tried to be on our best behavior at dinner last night.)


The Critters

Friday, May 6, 2011

Famous, in a Tallahassee kind of way

Rian and the Critters were featured on our local ABC station. It was a story on modern moms. Yours truly gets a plug on the story too. I think Rian and the Critters did a great job!

It also became the top story on ABC's website, it bumped the Florida Budget story from it's lofty position.

Modern Moms (click me)
(Video is on the right side of the web page.)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter 2011

For CarCar.

Rian, the Critters, and I headed down to Orlando for Easter. We did have to take two cars to accommodate my work schedule. We had a wonderful weekend down there. As you could see from some of the previous posts the Critters had a great time too (ie Easter Egg Hunt). We did dinner at a local seafood place on Friday and hit the Critters favorite breakfast spot Kiki's for breakfast on Saturday. After that we headed over to Park Ave. to walk around.

We were up early on Sunday for church. Rian for some reason loves Easter breakfast at the church. The rest of us cannot really figure this out. After breakfast and church we headed back to Grandma Kate's to go through the Easter baskets. CarCar got a Hello Kitty basket from Grandma B. If you know CarCar you know that when she sees anything Hello Kitty to world stops. She even had Hello Kitty Easter eggs.

We had dinner a little later and then Abbey and I hit the road because I had to be at work bright and early Monday morning.

Here are a few pics from Easter day:

The Critters on the way to church. We had to take a squadron of cars.

This is about as good as it got family picturewise.

Notice Hadley kneeling like Dad.

CarCar in her Easter best.

The Crits.

The Critters with the Grandmas.

Off to the Park!

Rian, Grandma Kate, the Critters, and I headed over to Winthrop Park during Rian's birthday weekend. The Critters love that park. I will say that it is close to the house and it is nice and shaded. The one bad thing is the Critters get tired of the 'little people' section and want to head over to the 'big kid' playground. Unfortunately, unlike Minihaha Park in Orlando, there is not a fence around the 'little people' section to contain them. Hadley is getting quite quick in climbing up things at the playground. You definitely cannot turn your back on Peacharoo.

Here are a few snapshots from our time at the park (I didn't realize until after I loaded them that all of the pictures are the Critters on the same park apparatus.):

Brother having the best time! EVER!

Peach swinging away.

Plane! CarCar. Plane!

(you have to say this in your best Tattoo (from Fantasy Island) voice.)


CarCar got some new kicks!

Here is CarCar sporting some new shoes:

CarCar toes!

Sassymcsassenstein. (We're not too sure what Brother is so upset about.)


Yuvies goes Seepees.

Hadley refers to her lovie as a "yuvie." We are trying only have the Critters have their lovies when they go to sleep. I have been telling them since their lovies stay up all night making sure they are okay that they (lovies) need to sleep when they are up during the day. So far it seems to be working, the Critters voluntarily put their lovies into their cribs after they are changed. The say "night, night yuvies!"

Hadley, or "Haddies" as she calls herself, took saying night, night to her lovie to a whole new level. She actually had me tuck her lovie and stuffed animals in for their nap. Hadley apparently just wanted to make sure that they were comfortable when they slept.

Here are a few pics:

All tucked in.

Haddies' Hippo taking a nap.

Haddies' yuvie.