Who are these Critters you speak of?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trunk or Treak

Well, the kids school once again had their annual Trunk or Treat.  Unfortunately, this year was a little warm out and the Critters costumes are a bit on the thick side.  Two of the three Critters were a little under the weather too.  Just for clarification, the Critters are dressing up as their luvies this year for Halloween.

The Critters, Grandma Kate, Aunt Donna, Rian and I headed up for a quick trip to the soiree.  We only did one loop around and the Critters really don't need to go out on Halloween.  They got waaaaaay too much candy.  By that time we caught up to Aunt Donna and Reese and he already had his costume off, he was apparently bordering on a heat stroke.  Hadley had just gotten her cast off and she was doing her best hobbling and limping around to get candy.  And finally, Carson was really not feeling too hot and was ready to go home.

I was able to get a few pics from the event, not as many as the years past, though.  I will do a better job on Halloween.

Here are the pics:

Hadley as the gimpy pig, and Reese as the horse.

Hadley with the matching pig treat bag.

Yes, this horse appears to be wearing Sperry Topsiders.

Brotherman cookin' in his horse costume.

Gettin' some candy.

Haddie again.

SK and Brother.  Holly apparently got the better angle.  Note to self:  Ask Holly for the better picture.

The whole crew.


The girls with their buddy Avery.

CarCar the Giraffe.  I am not sure if she is posing or has to go the bathroom.

I am not really sure what is going on here.


Pumpkins in the Patch

The Critters class had their annual trip down to the Pumpkin Patch.  I was able to take the day off and head over there with the Critters.

First, the class headed over to the 'story tent' to hear about Dora's, Elmo's, and the Berenstain Bears' Halloween.  The Critters were on their best behavior throughout the stories.

Next it was off to the actual pumpkin patch to get their class picture.  Once again, they were all smiles.

Finally, we headed off to get their face painted and pick mini pumpkins.  They had a blast and it was nice to be able to head over there with them.

Here are a few pics from the day:

The Story Tent. 

CarCar intently listening.


Class Picture.  All Smiles.

Pickin' Pumpkins.

CarCar stepping up to get her face painted.

CarCar with the candy corn.

Hadley went with the jack o' lantern.

All smiles.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brother, by CarCar

Carson took this picture of Brother @ Outback.  Don't worry he wasn't the outcast that he appears to be in this picture.  There were people sitting on both sides of him.  Who wouldn't want to sit next to Brother?

Amanda - Scott Wedding

The Saturday after my conference Rian and I headed down to the Disney area to go to Amanda and Scott's wedding.  They got married outside at Paradise Cove at Little Lake Bryan.  It was a great time to see some folks that Rian and I hadn't seen in quite a while.

The groom and party entered in style by zipping up on a speedboat and jumping out.  The bride took a more traditional approach, no jumping out of a boat for her or her girls.

There were two tables of Pi Kapps at the wedding and I believe it was Healey that decided to drag the two together to create Table 910.  Let's just say that the alcohol flowed freely, unfortunately they ran out of Maker's before my last drink.  Just a note for everyone, Johnny Walker does not, I repeat, does not mix well with Diet Coke.  Consider that a public service announcement, you will thank me later.

The party went well into the night and everyone then headed to the hotel to continue the celebration.  Rian and I had a few drinks but we retired a bit earlier than everyone else, due to having to drive back to Tallahassee Sunday afternoon.

Here are some pics from the wedding:

Mr. and Mrs.

The Canoe of Beer!

The cake.

Reception area.

Groom's cake.

Stine and I.

Davis and Healey.

The crew.


A New School Year!

Well, the kids don't ride the bus to school and while I'm in a truthful mood these pictures aren't even from the first day of school.  I am not really sure when these pictures were taken but I don't think that the kids aged too much from the first day.  The Critters get to ride in the "Mom Bus" the quarter of a mile to school.  It takes more time to get them into the car than it does to drive them up the hill to school.

To say the kids love school this year would be an understatement.  The only problem with their class is their buddy Rawlins isn't in the class.  Their teachers are wonderful this year, Miss Larkin and Miss Perrier.  The kids absolutely adore these two.

Here are a few pics from their first (wink, wink) day of school:

Brother with Miss Larkin.

The new classroom.

Brother and Hadley with Miss Larkin.

The Cat being 'The Cat.'

The outside patio.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Well its Only Been Two Months!

Busy and Tired are the key words in the ole household.  This has been the longest absence in blogging that I have had in the three years I have been doing it.  I can't believe that it is already October.

Well there has been a lot of action in our household since the last post.  First, I will say the lack of posts is in part due to my new(ish) job.  I am constantly busy and working much longer days.  While the days are longer it is nice to have consistent hours.

In the last two months we have squeezed in a few lasts trips to St. George, gone to quite a few birthdays, started the Critters second year of school, had a two week long conferences (both Rian's and mine), been to a wedding, gone to two football games, and had a few injuries (I will go into detail later).  I am going to do an individual blog for most of the aforementioned events.  I have created a sort of blogging schedule for myself so I don't drop the blogging ball again.

Blog ya soon,