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Friday, October 8, 2010

An Early Halloween Party

Rian's friend Betsy (who threw the Pumpkins in the Park party last year) had an early Halloween party. The Critters decided to sport their fall duds. Betsy had a cupcake decorating (or smashing) table for the kids to enjoy. The Critters leaned more toward the smashing, but CarCar did manage to get a few decorations on her cupcakes. We also learned that the Critters liked jelly beans, marshmallows - not so much.

The Critters were definitely able to let out some energy by running around the backyard. Hadley had a minor mishap when she did a face plant and slide down the hill. Once I realized she was okay it was a little funny, she looked like Rambo after he came out of the mud pit. Unfortunately we didn't get any shots of that because soon after that CarCar decided that she didn't want apple juice anymore. She felt the need to grab Rian's sangria and take a little taste (I repeat, a tiny amount got in her mouth - no need to call DCF) and then proceeded to dump it down the front of her white shirt. That's about the time we said our farewells and headed home to hose the Critters down.

A few pics:

CarCar looking innocent and sweet - translation: she is plotting something.

Cupcake decorating table.

Are all of these cupcakes for me?

Oh well, I'll just sit here and munch on this one.

Napkin anyone?

I promise you Hadley was at the party. This is pre-face plant.

CarCar after the great sangria episode.


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