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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a wonderful Halloween this year. It was nice that all the Critters felt good as opposed to last year when everyone was sick. Grandma Kate was in town this year. We headed over to Aunt Donna's house first so the kids could trick or treat and then play around in her backyard. The Critters had a great time over there, they even got Aunt Donna's mail for her. They are very considerate little Critters. Well, lets just say, they got the mail for Aunt Donna, I do not know if they allowed Aunt Donna to keep all of it.

After Aunt Donna's we head over to Lane and Adam's house for some fun. The kids had a blast running around in the backyard and playing on a John Deer Gator. It was quite entertaining seeing the Critters try to drive a car. After Lane's we headed home let Critters have some more candy and try to get them to bed. From what I recall their sugar high lasted quite a while.

Here are some shots from Halloween:

Getting the mail.


Haddie letting Aunt Donna know that the moon (which is apparently made of cookies and cheese) is out.

Aunt Donna and Brother.

Aunt Donna and CarCar.

Aunt Donna and Haddie.

This was Brother @ Lane's. He didn't stand still.

All the kids.

The Critters on a "Gator."


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