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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ponce de Leon Springs State Park, a/k/a The Pancake Mill

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we all headed down to Ponce de Leon Springs State Park. While it houses the supposed 'Fountain of Youth,' these days it is better known for the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Bakery. Here you get to cook your own pancakes on griddles built into the tables. The pancakes were pretty good and it was pretty funny seeing the kids try to get in on the action.

After breakfast Grandma B, Grandma Kate, the Critters, Rian, and I decided to take the boat tour. We read on the sign that there were river otters on the boat tour and Carson about flipped her lid. I am still not sure how a 2 1/2 year old becomes so obsessed with river otters. To add to the excitement Grandma B bought CarCar a stuffed otter (now named 'Otter,' inventive, I know), Haddie a manatee (named 'Manny'), and Reese a raccoon (name 'Haa-coon'). After the kids ran around the springs and playground for a bit we jumped on the boat. Unfortunately, river otters are early morning creatures so there was little chance we were going to see them. We did get to see a ton of birds and an alligator. Haddie kept yelling 'Gator bait' the entire boat ride. Unfortunately, for the Gators of Florida, they had been scalped by the FSU defense the night before. Notice I said defense, that was a painful game to watch if you enjoy offensive football. The Critters had a great time on the boat, but were definitely ready to get off when we reached the dock.

Here are a few pics from the adventure:

The Mr. and Mrs. @ The Sugar Mill.

Pancakes cookin' on the griddle.

Carson getting in on the action.

View of the Mill.

The boat.

Brother locating the floatation devices.

Haddie with 'Manny.'

A Heron.

The Ponce de Leon Swamp Monster.

Checking out relics before we head out.

The 'Fountain of Youth.'


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