Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Briefly Back

There seems to be a slight lull in work, though I am not too confident that it will last too long. This has been one crazy busy month. The overtime hours were off the charts, luckily the Critters still remember who I am during the few moments that I get to see them.

Well, I looked back to see what my last real post was and it was Christmas Eve, gee, that was only a month and a half ago. To pick up were I left off we had a great Christmas, the Critters got more than they could ever need. Luckily, Rian and I drove separately, so I was able to take back the first wave of gifts when I went back up for session. I was looking though iPhoto for pictures for this thread and I realized that I only had one, yes one picture from Christmas. Apparently I was a little too busy helping them open presents to snap a few pics.

Here is the one picture from Christmas:

Notice the chaos.

I plan to try to rapid fire some blogs out, tonight and this weekend to get caught up. I was also planning a best of photos for 2011, so hopefully I will get to shuffle through my pics for that.


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