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Monday, March 5, 2012

Apparently its March, oh well, Here's the Critter's Valentine's Day

I know its March, but I figure for posterity sake I should show the Critters Valentine's Day. They had a party @ their pre-school the Monday before V-Day. I channeled my crafty-side and we made their V-Day cards to give out in their class. Oh, don't be fooled, I didn't think this up, I found it online. It was pretty easy to break-up the crayons and melt them. We printed the cards @ the local Fedex-Kinkos.

Here are a few shots of the V-Day Cards:

Here are the crayons post-oven.

After they are popped out of the mold.

The cards.

Ready for the party!

On Valentine's Day Rian and the Critters headed over to Auntie Erica's and Norah's house for breakfast. Good times and heart-shaped pancakes were had by all.

Here are some shots from Valentine's Day:



The whole crew.


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