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Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Parks, Two Days - Part I, Southwood

Rian had one of her half-day TJL meetings on a Saturday in January so it was just the Critters and I for the day.  We hit the local hot spot Krispy Kreme for some 'hot now' doughnuts.  Chocolate covered glazed for Kitty, Chocolate covered with Sprinkles for Brother, and Regular glazed for Haddie and Dad.  After that we hit the Southwood park which is perfect for Dad with three children who love to run in different directions.  The park is far removed from the road and the sight lines are tremendous.  I can see the Critters where ever they are.  The only downfall is the lack of bathrooms, but not to worry, Dad brings the 'magic potty' when we hit this park up.
After the park we headed over to Lofty Pursuits, for a classmates party.  Sorry, no pictures from that, it was like herding cats in there.  Three 3.5 year olds in a toy/ice cream store equals no pictures.
Here are some shots from our day:


Haddie and her horse.

CarCar talking to someone.

This child rarely slows down.

When she does, she loves to pick flowers.



The Trio.

A little relaxation.

CarCar showing off her flowers.

Haddie trying to look mean.  I am not sure how successful she was.

For some reason this reminds me of West Side Story, a battle between the Jets and the Sharks. 
(Note:  No child was harmed during the taking of this photo.)


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