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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break - Lego Land/Cypress Gardens

Well, the Critters and the Grandmas headed down to Lego Land the Wednesday of Spring Break.  After trying to figure out the various ticket deals out there (just to let you know tickets to Lego Land are freaking expensive, like Disney expensive (although Disney expensive isn't applicable to us, Thanks Grandma Kate!)).  After a surprise guest helped us with the ticket quandary, they were off for a fun filled Lego experience.  Apparently, the Critters had an absolute blast.  Everything in this park is geared for little people their age.

The Critters could even ride the roller coasters there.  Lego Land is divided into various 'lands,' such as Duploland, Pirates Cove and Miniland.  The kids even got to drive race cars, that weren't on rails.  I am not quite sure how it worked, but they all made it off alive.

Here are some shots from the day:

Kat riding a giraffe.

I really don't know what to say about this aside from apparently we have a farmer in the family.

Brother is a mean jouster!

Kat on the attack!

The Critters in front of the Lego Land rendition of the state capital.
Nice try Lego Land, but the set up is all off.  The house and senate building extend past the old capital and there is not a street to the left of the capital.  Oh, and if a news van parked in front it would be bowled over since that is Monroe Street (a major thoroughfare).

I think Kat wants to go to Vegas.  What happens...

A larger giraffe.

Haddie has been eaten.

Grandma B, Brother, and Haddie.  I am not quite sure what is wrong with Haddie.
The race cars.  As you will notice Brother needs a little more practice driving.

Mom, the Critters and the Lego Belle.

The entrance to Cypress Gardens (which is attached to Lego Land).

Another shot of Cypress Gardens.
The water ski show, apparently a staple of Cypress Gardens.


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