Who are these Critters you speak of?

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Critters are 4! (Part I of the Birthday Celebration)

We had a small birthday party for the Critters in Orlando this year before we headed to Disney for the big Princess/Pirate Birthday Throw Down.  The kids each got to pick out their own cake and surprise, Reese picked Thomas the Train, Cat picked Hello Kitty, and (the big shocker) Hadley picked a pink princess (Sleeping Beauty) cake.
In addition, Grandma Kate purchased a pinata for the kids.  So after the hot dogs were consumed and washed down with lots of lemonade the kids got to go burn off the sugar by beating the pinata, which was filled with more sugar.  As you will see from the pictures below they all have pretty good form with a bat (large stick).   

Here are some pics from the party: 

Haddie 'saving' Sleeping Beauty from the fire.

The Kitty with Hello Kitty.

Pooh Bear extinguishing his candles.

First up, Pooh Bear.  Pretty good form don't ya think.  Maybe he could keep the elbow up a little,
but other than that no critiques.

CarCar about to bludgeon the pinata. 

Haddie taking a good whack.

CANDY!!! Exactly what they needed.

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