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Thursday, February 4, 2010

End of Your Rope? Nope, Lets Pull Ya Back.

Man it has just been one of those weeks. Sometimes I think that I have truly reached the end of my rope and am unsure I can keep doing this. I know that it is just a fleeting thought but sometimes it can just overwhelm you. It is amazing to me though that just one little look from one of the kids can just completely change you mood, even if just for a split second.

I have been in a rotten mood for most of the week, really don't know why but little CarCar shot me a smile yesterday and it seemed as though everything in the world was right. I guess there is just something about a pint-sized little girl just getting her first two bottom teeth that can make you forget all of the other crap going on in your life.

Appearances aside, this has been the most difficult thing that I (we) have ever done. There have been some very trying times at our house, but the thing that keeps pulling me through is is Rian and the Critters. A year ago I could not even fathom that I could love the Critters as much as I do. I also believe that our (Rian and I) relationship has grown quite a bit stronger also. I will say this though, I am glad that the Critters are our first (AND ONLY) children because we don't know any different. Our normal is three kids.

But back to the Critters. I truly cannot thank them and Rian enough for doing their best to cheer me up and/or drag me up by my boot-straps. Not to make this a Debbie Downer post but I just wanted to thank them for shooting me a smile, laughing, spitting food all over, and generally just being happy babies. Thank you. Your dad will get back to his normal fun loving self eventually, and completely enjoy the ride known as fatherhood.

If you have made it down this far, thanks for sticking with me. I just really had to get that off my chest. I found something online the other day that completely summed parenthood, and it also made me smile.

As seen on Marvelous Kiddo.


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