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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Back After a Little Hiatus

I took a little unintended hiatus from the blog last week. Unfortunately it was not to have fun in the warm Florida Weather. Did Al Gore get a little mixed up, I thought the temperature was going to shot up and Tallahassee would be underwater. Hey Mr. Gore, it freaking snowed in Thomasville, Georgia on Friday, and my bird bath was frozen solid. The only thing that has risen around Tallahassee is the electric bills.

Well, here is a quick recap of things that went on while I was away from the computer. We are in the seventh layer of teething hell. While you can see little nubs Hadley's teeth have yet to break through which from what I have read can cause a little discomfort. By a little discomfort I mean not sleeping AT ALL. Sleep has been the most elusive thing lately in our house.

This weekend the Grandmas' came up for a Valentines visit. We had a great time at Liam's in Thomasville, aside from the fact that they ran out of Beignets. The Critters were a little under the weather on Sunday, I think it was mostly due to the lack of sleep and teething. Don't fret I have quite a few posts in the hopper.


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