Who are these Critters you speak of?

Monday, June 7, 2010

The best piece of gear we have gotten, period.

Look how happy this strange woman looks.

Grandma Barbara purchased the Charcoal/Grey Phil and Ted's Metro Backpack for us to tote the Critters around in. To be more specific to tote one Critter at a time around. After trying to figure out the directions (apparently the folks from New Zealand like to use pictures instead of text to explain things, unfortunately the pictures make no sense) we were on our way to test it out on a family walk. While you could definitely feel that there was a Critter attached to your back it was so much more comfortable that the other carriers. This makes things a lot easier than having to worry about the double stroller and then another single stroller. The Metro backpack folds down virtually flat.

The big test came on Saturday when we had a full day of errands to run. Reese and Hadley split time in the backpack while we wandered through the mall. Two things: 1. The Critters absolutely freakin love this thing, we makes everything more enjoyable; and 2. my back did not hurt at all after wearing this thing for 2+ hours.

The big test will come in a couple of weeks when we head up to Ft. Valley, Georgia for the Peach Festival. That will be a full day extravaganza.


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  1. ummm you're going to have to post pics of the actual riders in the apparatus. Sorry I missed the party, the special olympians needed me in orlando....