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Monday, September 27, 2010

And So It Begins.

Although not quite at Prefontaine level yet, Brother is walking.

We are all off and walking. Brother took those ever elusive steps on Tuesday of last week. It was just two at first, then four, and by Thursday he walked clear across the living room. Now I won't be signing him up for a half marathon anytime soon, but this is a huge step for Brother.

It is amazing to see how quickly Brother is taking to this walking thing. Now that is not to say that he is not butt scooting anymore, but he is taking quite a few "walks" everyday. It is also quite funny watching him learn to walk, he definitely sports the T-Rex arms when he is strutting his stuff. I told him he will have to lose that as the ladies are not big fans.

These are T-Rex arms. This is the best picture that I could find to demonstrate what I meant. Please do not infer that Brother looks anything like this idiot. I told Brother that this guy had T-Rex arms and I can assure you that his is not a hit with the ladies.

As an aside I can't tell you how happy that I am to have been able to see all three Critters take their first steps. Luckily this time Brother waited until I came home for lunch to take off.

It was a pretty quiet weekend at the ole casa. On Saturday I was up bright and early to hit Lake Jackson for some fishing with a buddy. I actually caught something this time - big victory. After that we settled in to watch a little football. The Vols did not disappoint Brother this week, they pulled out a squeaker over University of Alabama (no not the good one, the one in Birmingham.) Then we watched the Seminole defense put on a show.

On Sunday we did all of the errands and then headed over to the Gunter's for Camp's 2nd Birthday. We had a great time over there and the Critters were sufficiently exhausted by the time we left. We got home did baths and bottles and they were fast asleep.


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