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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mom's Morning Out

Another big milestone today in the Critters life, the start of Mom's Morning Out. Carson and Hadley were shipped off dropped off at Good Shepard Catholic Church for their first day at Mom's Morning Out, a pseudo preschool type thing. Brother cannot attend yet because he has not quite mastered the art of walking, although the little guy is sooooo close.

Rian was very concerned that the girls wouldn't have a good time or that they would get run over because they are a little small. As soon as we put them down in the classroom they were off, mom and dad didn't exist to them right at that point. It was a good feeling seeing your kids assimilate quickly to different situations. You could tell that Brother was a little sad that he didn't get to stay but mom and him got to have some one on one time.

Little Miss Hadley on her first day. (The bow did not make it much longer.)

The Girls, not quite in the best mood. (Before we got to the classroom.)

Heading to their classroom!

According to the teachers the girls had a great time. They apparently played quite hard out at the playground because Rian said their faces were beet red. I think that Rian is going to add another class on Friday mornings for two kids and that way each one will have some one on one time with mom.

You can tell CarCar played hard.


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