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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kingdom of Sweets

The girls, Rian, and I headed over to Dorothy B. Oven Park for the Tallahassee Ballet's Kingdom of Sweets. It was a little chilly but overall it was a beautiful day for the event. We first stopped to get the girls picture taken with a character from The Nutcracker, and no I have no idea which one. It turned out to be a great picture of both, yes both girls looking at the camera. After that we headed to get the girls some grub, it was a pretty nice spread. Lots of sweets, hence the name of the event. I think the girls got their fill of sugar that day.

After that we let the girls run around a little bit to burn off some of their excess energy. CarCar took it upon herself to become the grounds crew and she literally picked up every leaf in this field and made a neat little pile. Hadley had her red bouncy balloon to entertain her. The girls had a great time there and I know that Brother had a good time with Aunt Donna at home watching football instead of napping.

Here are a few pics:

CarCar and Hadster running off some energy.

Groundskeeper CarCar.

CarCar on a bench.

Still running.

No, don't worry about decorating my cookie, I'll just eat it thank you.


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