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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Step Aside Dan Marino

Now I know that Dan Marino was the celebrity endorser for Isotoner gloves (I am not sure if they even still make these.) Back in the day these were apparently THE perfect stocking stuffer, or so the washed up former Dolphins quarterback wanted us to believe. I'm sure he had a whole closet full at his house in Miami. I mean it does get quite cold down there.

Now to my point, Carson has decided to become a celebrity endorser. Wait you say, CarCar is not a celebrity. Well she would beg to differ and she believes that CarCar mania is about to go worldwide. She has decided to start small but with a product she really seems to like, Dearfoam slippers. What? Yes, Dearfoam is proud to announce that their new celebrity endorser is CarCar Jane.

I mean come on, who is not gonna by a pair of Dearfoam slippers now?

Even the dog likes them.

Enough with the pictures, I'm off to hair and make-up trailer.


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