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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paging Betty Crocker, Paging Ms. Betty Crocker

Why would I title a blog with Betty Crocker and then show a picture of Duff Goldman you ask? Well, because its my blog and I can. Also Duff looks quite a bit tougher than Betty.

Sunday was the big baking day at the casa. Good thing I was a little hung over from the night before, nothing goes better with baking cookies than a queasy stomach. Don't worry I power through, doin' it for the children.

We decided that we would make Candy Cane cookies and Gingerbread Men. Prep work was the easy part, mix everything and then let it sit. An hour or so later we rounded up the Critters and lined them up on the bar stools. The Gingerbread Men were up first. Brother and Hadley were big helps with using the cookie cutter. CarCar was not so interested in helping at the time. The Gingerbread Men were popped in the oven and were done in no time. The Candy Cane cookies not so much.

With these cookies I had to split the dough equally and then mix red food coloring with half of the dough. Guess who didn't have any latex gloves, oh yea, this guy. I got a few puzzled looks from the Critters as it looked like I was just involved in a massacre.

To distract the Critters from the bloodshed, Rian got out some frosting and decided to see if the Critters would like it. Really? Did you think that they wouldn't like green sugar goo? Needless to say it was a rather large hit. CarCar even decided to lick the remaining frosting off of the counter.

Luckily the baking went off without a hitch and the Critters got to enjoy cookies and milk with red food coloring it in. Why you ask? Because Rian thought it would be cool to give them red milk with their cookies, unfortunately it turned more pink than red.

After a massive clean up and defrosting of the Critters we were off for dinner.

Here are a few pics from the show:

The Critters helping with the Gingerbread Men. (Notice Carson with the big grin. Every time we seem to pull out the camera she seems to know its go time with the smiles.)

Powering through a lite hangover.

Here comes the frosting!

Frosting induced craziness!

Need. More. Frosting.


We load up on oat bran in the morning so we'll live forever. Then we spend the rest of the day living like there's no tomorrow. ~Lee Iacocca

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  1. LOve, love, love your blog! I don't think anyone could possibly have children more beautiful...they are perfection.
    Happy New Year to you and Rian.
    p.s. It was great seeing you guys while I was in town.