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Thursday, January 13, 2011

And Down They Go!

I got a very unexpected call last night around 6pm from a member of our church.

"What are you up to right now?"

"Oh, giving three kids a bath."

"You up for the basketball game tonight?"

Me quickly thinking (Our basketball team sucks, its cold out, and its a 9 o' clock tip off.).

"I've got great seats, and its free."


When Gary said they were great seats he did them an injustice. I have never sat that close to watch a basketball game. These seats were two rows from the floor. I was literally in the game. I could get used to this.

What made the game even better was that the Noles (who I said earlier kinda suck this year) knocked off the Duke Blue Devils who were the Number One team in the country. Sorry Coach K.

Hopefully this will spur a turnaround for the team and as Jeff Cameron says we can all jump back aboard the Tournament Train.

Thanks again Reagan and Gary for the much needed night out.

iPhone Pics:

iPhone pics, not the best quality, but it does show how close the seats are.

Game action.

Fans storm the court.

Final Score. (courtesy of Warchant.com)


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