Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun (for them) With Yogurt

I had to do it. How often do you get to insert a Spaceballs reference? This is Yogurt the Great if anyone hasn't seen the movie.

Rian thought it was about time the Critters eat their yogurt themselves. They obviously had use of their paws and could easily hold a yogurt container. The Critters have also been developing an affinity for utensils. They have come to love the fork, notice I didn't say they have become skilled at using said fork. They are competent when it comes to using a fork but I will not get carried away and say that they have mastered it.

So before they have mastered one utensil we (Rian) thought it would be fun to throw another one in the mix. Before you think that I am throwing Rian under the bus, I think that they are old enough to use multiple utensils. Hey they need to start exercising that intelligence if they want to go to college.

The montage that follows is the outcome of the spoon test:

This is what I walked into.

Brother was certainly enjoying it.

Mustn't leave any behind.

I think I got it all.

CarCar approves.


ps. If you click on the pics now you should be able to get larger versions. It was getting hard to see what was going on in the pics.

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