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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Big 0-2

The Critter's birthday was last Friday and we had their birthday bash on Saturday. I will let you know ahead of time there are not as many pictures as I would have liked. Last year we hired a wonderful photog, but for some reason we opted against it this year. Bad, bad, bad idea. I can tell you that I certainly did not want to carry a camera around the entire party. How exactly am I supposed to hold my beer and snap pics at the same time?

The weather started out a bit iffy, and by iffy I mean a full fledged freakin thunderstorm, but it cleared up nicely before the party. We had a few quick sprinkles during the party, nothing bad, just enough to usher the kiddos inside.

We went for a jungle theme this year. There don't seem to be that many options when you are planning a unisex triplet party. Strange, huh? Everyone seemed to have a good time at the party and those that stayed until the end were treated with a Critter dance party with Ke$ha and Katy Perry blasting. Come to think of it maybe that is what chased off the last remaining folks. All in all it was a great day and a great party. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the Critters are 2, lets say that again, the Critters are two years old.

Here are some pics from the party. (Two of the shots you will see are from Mary, who just happened to be hobnobbing with the First Lady this week in DC, my old stomping ground.)

The Mr. and Mrs.

The spread. I know it does look like a lot but I promise you there was enough food.

The Critters opening presents from the super awesome Crittersitters.

It ain't a party for CarCar unless Hello Kitty is there.

We have found that Hadley does not share the same appreciation for balloons as CarCar. Actually, she hates them. Add it to the list along with ketchup.

Extinguishing the inferno. (picture courtesy of Mary.)

L to R: Brother, Crittersitter Amy, Hadley, Grandma B, Mom, CarCar.
(picture courtesy of Mary.)

Goodie Bags.


PS - I am only like 2000 votes behind the leader on the top 25 multiples blogs. There is still time, lets all catch our second wind and head over and vote.

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