Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yuvies goes Seepees.

Hadley refers to her lovie as a "yuvie." We are trying only have the Critters have their lovies when they go to sleep. I have been telling them since their lovies stay up all night making sure they are okay that they (lovies) need to sleep when they are up during the day. So far it seems to be working, the Critters voluntarily put their lovies into their cribs after they are changed. The say "night, night yuvies!"

Hadley, or "Haddies" as she calls herself, took saying night, night to her lovie to a whole new level. She actually had me tuck her lovie and stuffed animals in for their nap. Hadley apparently just wanted to make sure that they were comfortable when they slept.

Here are a few pics:

All tucked in.

Haddies' Hippo taking a nap.

Haddies' yuvie.


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