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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fairies: Can they be angry?

Rian, the Critters, and I headed to a birthday party @ the pool @ Southwood (aka the Disneyland of pools). It was Savannah's 1st birthday and much to CarCar and Haddie's delight, it had an Abbey Cadabby theme (although I think they got her confused with Zoe). The Critters got their fill of juice, food, and cake, Carson even decided to try to fill up her cup of lemonade herself - unsuccessfully I might add. After the some singing we all headed out to the pool. Well actually the three pools. One is a regular pool, one is a infant-type pool, and one is the playground pool.

The kids tentatively got into the playground pool and started to wade around. I took CarCar to the regular pool for a quick swim. I happened to look over and noticed the large bucket that dumps water over the playground was about to tip (dumping loads of water over the entire play area). I also noticed that Brother and Haddie did not realize it was a bout to unleash (don't worry they weren't in any danger). The bucket unloaded it's contents and you would have thought those two were trying to run to safety from a tsunami. They were screaming and running as fast as they could to the side of the play area. I know it sounds a little cruel, but it was kind of funny, actually to CarCar it was apparently really funny. Needless to say it took some coaxing to get them back in the area, but surprisingly Brother finally lead the charge. Well, later I was carrying CarCar around that area and we emerged from under the covered slide just in time to take the full brunt of the bucket. We were absolutely soaked.

Hey what does this have to do with fairies?

Well, the party favors, sans Brother were fairy wings. We gave them to the girls to play with this morning to play with and here are few pictures with their reactions.

The sweet, happy fairy.

The not so sweet, happy, well, kinda down right angry looking fairy.

The mood was apparently lightened by something.

Still happy and smiling.


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