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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Night, The Curtain Drops on the Striped Nursery Wall

There has been a little bit of construction going on over at the house. I won't share and photos of the girls' room (which is 95% complete) until I finish with Brother's room. I will share a few 'during' pictures of the nursery (Brother's room). Sadly, the striped wall did not fit with the motif that we have for Brother's room so Tuesday was the curtain call. It was a sad day as I rolled primer over the striped wall and the Critters names.

I will say that the color we chose for Brother's room (Nantucket Dune - SW) looks killer.

Here are a few 'during pics (remember to tip your forty for the striped wall):

The point of no return.

Last little corner.

The Critters names, painted by Mary.

The Critters names no more.


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