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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is July really over?

Really, where did July go?  It can't really be August already, can it?

Well, we have had a pretty busy month, lots to do.  As an aside, I have been crazy busy at work, you can probably tell by the lack of blogs.  By the time I get home I am usually beat, and not really thinking about the blog.

July started off with a quick trip to the beach with Grandma B and Kate.  Thanks guys for the trip to the beach.  The Critters had a great time running and splashing in the waves, even Brother.

After that the Critters had a Curious George Summer camp, with a musical presentation at the end.  Brother loved it and the normally outgoing Haddie got a severe case of stage fright.

This blog is going to be short on words but long on pictures.  There is really no better way to tell you about our July than by showing you our July.

Our July ended with a birthday celebration for Grandma B's big 60th.

I promise to get back in the swing of things in August.  Going to dedicate time to the good ole blog.

Here are the pics:

The girls and dad at the beach.  We didn't get too many pics from the beach.

CarCar and the mermaid.

Brother, CarCar, and an Indian.

CarCar at the Curious George performance.

Brother singing.

Yes, Haddie had her back turned to the crowd the entire time.

CarCar shushing me at the zoo.  She didn't want to disturb the Big Kitty.

Trees with Knees!

Train conductor Brother at the Junior Museum.

CarCar @ Maclay Gardens.

CarCar and Brother.

I promise, she found it on the ground.

CarCar chillin'.

Brother following suit.

We found this little secret garden.

It was at the very back of Maclay and had a cool little fountain.

Brother and CarCar @ the reflecting pool.

CarCar was in heaven, the Jacksonville Zoo had giant otters.

Mama and CarCar on the carousel.

Haddie riding the manatee.

CarCar was loving the giraffe.

Brother on Osceola.  It was actually donated by a Seminole fan.

Haddie on the dolphin.

The highlight, feeding the giraffes.

CarCar was loving it!

Luna was the big giraffe and Savannah was the little one.

Brother was a little leery of their long tongues.

Brother at the splash park @ the Jville Zoo.



 The Critters and the manatee.


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