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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Well its Only Been Two Months!

Busy and Tired are the key words in the ole household.  This has been the longest absence in blogging that I have had in the three years I have been doing it.  I can't believe that it is already October.

Well there has been a lot of action in our household since the last post.  First, I will say the lack of posts is in part due to my new(ish) job.  I am constantly busy and working much longer days.  While the days are longer it is nice to have consistent hours.

In the last two months we have squeezed in a few lasts trips to St. George, gone to quite a few birthdays, started the Critters second year of school, had a two week long conferences (both Rian's and mine), been to a wedding, gone to two football games, and had a few injuries (I will go into detail later).  I am going to do an individual blog for most of the aforementioned events.  I have created a sort of blogging schedule for myself so I don't drop the blogging ball again.

Blog ya soon,


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