Who are these Critters you speak of?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I stole this idea from another triplet blog.  I will say that doing this project definitely put things in perspective.  It is amazing to see how far the Critters have come.  From NICU premies to healthy bustling toddlers.  We truly are blessed to have the three Critters.  No matter what it is that we’re worrying about, these photos will always give us perspective.

Haddie with a picture of her @ 2 days old under the Bilirubin light.

CarCar with a picture of her @ 2 days old.

And of course here's Reese (not really cooperating) with a picture @ 2 days old in his incubator.


CarCar's First Baseball Game

CarCar and I spent Saturday afternoon together at an FSU baseball game.  She seems to really like sports and I thought it would be great opportunity for some one on one time.  FSU was playing Maryland so I didn't think it would be too crowded.  My ticket to the game was only seven bucks and CarCar got in free (kids five and under are free for the grandstands).  

As soon as we sat down CarCar decided that she wanted something to eat and she also had to go to the bathroom.  Parents of little children know that a trip to the bathroom, especially a public bathroom is not a quick trip.  Well the game started and FSU was at bat.  I heard some loud cheering and heard over the PA system that FSU just had back to back home runs.  As we were heading out of the bathroom, I heard some rustling in the palm trees overhead.  Next thing I know a foul ball lands three feet from me, so after all of these years going to FSU baseball games, at CarCar's first one we get a foul ball.  While I have the ball (actually CarCar gave it to Brother) I don't really have the cool 'I made a great catch to get this foul ball' story.

We had a great time even though it was a bit hot out.  Final totals:  Tickets - $7, Pretzel for CarCar - $3, Lemonade for CarCar - $4, Two Chocolate Chip Cookies for CarCar (not recommendable on hot days) - $2, Italian Ice for CarCar - $4, and water for Dad - $3.  As you can see CarCar got her fill of food at the game.

Here are a few pics from the game:

FSU warming up.

CarCar settling in.

Play ball!

A crazy 1st inning consisting of back-to-back home runs and a foul ball in my pocket.

CarCar inspecting the ads on the right field wall.

The foul ball.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Potty Training, yep its that time.

Well, we entered the realm of potty training a few weeks ago.  I found out about a 3 day potty training boot camp from another multiple blogger.  The concept of this program is you stop using diapers completely, you actually have the kids throw them out.  After you have the kids throw their diapers out you immediately place them in undies (Thomas the Train, Hello Kitty, and Princesses at our house).  To say that Rian and I were a little apprehensive and skeptical would be an understatement.

So on April 21 at 8am, we had the Critters toss out the remaining diapers in the house and we went cold-turkey.  We repeated the following phrase at least a thousand times over the next three days, 'let mommy and daddy know when you have to go potty.'  According to the program you are not supposed to ask them if they have to go potty, you must ask them to tell you when they have to go.  It apparently helps them recognize their body signals.  I was prepared for poop and urine to be everywhere, constant sheet changes, and no sleep.  To Rian and my surprise we only had to clean up a handful of accidents on the floor, changed the sheets four times and got six full hours of sleep the first night.  The Critters actually seemed to get the gist of the program by the second day. 

When a child successfully utilizes the toilet the parent is supposed to vocally celebrate this achievement.  Well, I think I took it a little too far with Carson.  As most of you know, she does not really care for loud noises.  She was the first to successfully deposit poop in the toilet and I got a little over exuberant with my 'touchdown celebration.'  I went a little too Ickey Woods and Terrell Owens rather than just giving the football to the ref and settling for a chest bump.  Luckily, it did not permanently scar CarCar and we were able to move on.  The Critters have been diaper free since April 21st.

While I am singing the praises of this program, I don't want you to think that there hasn't been accidents, bumps in the road, and some regression.  Luckily, the program helps you address these situations when they occur.  So this multiple family give the 3 day potty training boot camp two big thumbs up.