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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fourth of July, St. George Island

The Lighthouse at St. George Island.

For the third year we headed to St. George Island for the 4th of July.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't quite as nice as the previous couple years.  Translation, it rained quite a bit this year.  The big news this year was that the Critters were finally 40 inches and they could climb all the way to the top of the lighthouse.  I will just say, it is not the easiest climb as you have to squeeze through a small hole to reach the top.  

Luckily, this year we had a pool at the house so in between showers we were able to take a dip in the pool.  All in all it was a relaxing week swimming, heading to Appalachicola to eat, and getting soaking wet at the 4th of July parade (that was held on the 5th due to inclement weather).

Here are some pics from the week:

Dad, Brother, Haddie, and Mom at the top of the lighthouse.

The hole you had to get through at the top of the lighthouse.

Haddie navigating the ladder.

Brother gettin' ready to come down.

Making his way down.....slowly.


Haddie and Abbey.



Not sure what is wrong here.

The Cat once again.

Brother playing Jai Alai solo.

Haddie and her floatie.

The Cat in flight.

Doubling up with turtles.



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