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Monday, September 30, 2013

Swim Lessions

And I am finally back, its been what, only three months?  To say life has been a little busy would be an understatement.  Home life and work life have kept us quite busy.  Well the Critters had swim lessons again this summer with Coach Malcolm again, but this year he added Coach Austin and Coach Sophie.  All of the kids did great and are getting better and more confident in the pool each time.  The girls started to use their arms and look like real swimmers.  Their next goal is to get on the swimming team and let me tell you Carson is a missile in the water.  Apparently, Pooh Bear swims like a manatee according to Coach Austin.  I am not sure what a manatee looks like swimming, but at least its not drowning.

Here are a few pics from the lessons:


The Cat.

Coach Austin and the manatee, er, Reese.

Coach Malcolm and Pooh.

Taking a breather. 

The Cat and Reese.

Coach Sophie and Haddie.


Haddie learning to dive.

Carson with near perfect form.


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