Who are these Critters you speak of?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Critter's, you're gonna carry that weight · Carry that weight a long time

The Critters had their 4 month visit today. We are about two weeks behind schedule. The Critters did not enjoy this visit at all. The girls each got three shots, but Reese was the big winner with an extra shot for RSV.

I must say that it is no fun having to hold their little arms down so they don't flail during the shots. Hadley was asleep when they started, let me tell you that was quite a rude awakening for her. We had a lot of the silent cries followed by the outburst and beet red faces. They made it through though and calmed down quickly.

Weight Check:

Carson: Length 23 1/2", Weight 12 lb 9 oz

Reese: Length 23 3/4", Weight 12 lb 11 oz

Hadley: Length 23 1/2", Weight 13 lb 3 oz


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  1. What a beautiful blessing!!! Thanks for sharing! Love to you.

    I'm trying to figure when I can return.It may only be a day, but I will take whatevr!!

    I showed pictures to Mom today (from my August visit with you) and Tyson was in my lap. When the picture of Reese and "Daddy" came up, I said, "Look at Reese looking at his daddy." That was it. Tyson wouldn't let up--- Daddy?????? He was waiting for Chris and Michael to return from dinner.