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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shameless Plug

Well here is my one shameless plug to send out to the blog world. As many of you know Rian is a member of The Junior League of Tallahassee. For those of you who had absolutely no clue, you are probably asking yourself "why is Rian involved with a children's group, I thought she just hit the big 3-0."

For all of you non Junior Leaguers, the Tallahassee League is a wonderful organization that helps out immensely in the local community. One of its biggest focuses are the children of the community, which if you know Rian, this is her soft spot. The League's most recent event that was held is probably my favorite, and there wasn't any food or booze associated, nor did I even get to go. The league brought underprivileged children to Kohls and gave them a set amount of money to spend on new clothing for school. Rian said that she had a blast helping the little guy that she was paired with. This is just one example of the great things that the Junior League of Tallahassee does.

In order for the league to be able to do these wonderful things they must raise money, and this being its 50th anniversary, the League is releasing a new cookbook, "A Thyme to Celebrate."

If anyone is interested in ordering a copy for the ridiculously low price of $26.82 email me at chris.meadows78@yahoo.com. The League will put this money to great use in the community and you will be getting a book with some pretty good recipes.


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  1. I like your "shameless" plug... I'm a friend of Caroline Weiss' and I used to be in JLT when I lived in Tallahassee.... I am glad to know there is a new cookbook out. Will have to get several!