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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Apalachicola Seafood Festival

King Retsyo (Oyster spelled backwards): King Retsyo, son of Neptune, is the guardian of inland waters, bays and estuaries. He protects our natural resources and the seafood industry. Each year, the Florida Seafood Festival board selects a king who symbolizes Apalachicola Bay and the bounty harvested by the seafood industry.

Rian, the Critters and I headed down Highway 98 to Apalachicola this weekend for the Seafood Festival. It could not have been a better day to be outside in the Florida sunshine. We packed the jeep up and left the casa about 8:30 to try to get down there for the parade. We were unfortunately under the impression that Apalachicola was on central time. Note to self - it isn't. (See pg. 20) We paid to park and found a bench in the shade to feed the Critters. Then it was off to the festival. Let me tell you that all types of folks came out of the woodwork for this festival.

Once we entered the festival we veered left to head to the handmade handicrafts area. We saw some interesting stuff over there, but in particular was the jelly lady. She made some of the best jelly that I have ever had. It was some sort of orange/jalapeno jelly. It had just the right amount of spice to it. Throw that on a cracker (Ritz) with some cream cheese and you will think you are in heaven. Unfortunately, we waited too long to buy some and by the time we headed back to make the purchase she was out. Update: She heads to Tallahassee once every two weeks so there will be some orange/jalapeno jelly in my belly soon!

After making our way through that section we headed off for the real reason we were there - seafood. Let me tell you this was some of the freshest seafood that you will ever have. The oysters were pulled out that morning and the shrimp the day before. Nothing, I repeat nothing, beats a raw Apalachicola Oyster on a cracker with Cocktail Sauce. After stuffing our faces we headed over to the oyster eating contest. Now as I have said, I love me some oysters, but in moderation people. The gentleman who won the contest put down 28 and 1/2 dozen oysters in 8 minutes. Let that sink in. I would be puking all the way back to Tallahassee, and then for another 3 days. The record holder put down 33 dozen and 3 oysters. After that gastronomical abomination we met up with Holly, Marcus and little Sally Kate. We were able to hang out for a little bit, but then it was time for the crew to bid adieu to Apalach and head on home.

We did make one more stop on the way home. We stopped at one of my favorite dives in Panacea, Florida, Posey's. You can't beat the seafood there. I know what you are thinking, "weren't you just at a seafood festival?" Yes, but you can never get too much fresh seafood. So after another round of oysters and some shrimp, we were back in the comfy confines of Tallahassee. You couldn't have asked for a better day, unfortunately I topped it off by watching the FSU game.

Entrance to the festival.

The snazzy shirt design. No Rian and I did not buy matching shirts.

Rian w/ shrimp. Oyster eating contest in the background.

Me and the Critters hanging with Royalty. King Retsyo came over to see the Critters. Take notice of his jeans and gold shoes.

Marcus, Holly, Reese and I.

Apparently Holly, Reese and I were the only ones who got the memo to wear a striped Oxford.

Gratuitous shot of the infamous "CarCar toes."

Hadley taking it all in.

The family unit at the 3 o'clock feed. Right before heading back home.


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  1. yet another awesome blog entry! Keep blogging. I can't believe you guys took 3 babies to the seafood festival AND it looks like you guys had a good time! --Fran