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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If Two is Company, and Three is a Crowd, what is Five?

We say "two's company; three's a crowd" because sometimes two people are having fun together and would not have as much fun if a third person joined them. Example: "I hope he does not come over to our table; two's company; three's a crowd." "Company" here means people who have been invited; they are relaxed and comfortable together. A "crowd" is an uncomfortably large group who's size cannot be controlled. "Two's company; three's a crowd" says that a group of two people is more comfortable than a group of three. Example: "I was hoping just you and I would see the movie. Why did you have to bring your sister? Two's company; three's a crowd!"

This would summarize the world that many parents of multiples and parents of multiple children live in. The difference is is that it is actually fun a majority of the time. While the "crowd" overwhelms you, you find yourself being sucked into the joy that your critters are experiencing. There are not too many things better than hearing Hadley let out one of her excited screams or CarCar giggling over on the play mat.

Rian had a play date with another set of multiples who happen to live in our neighborhood. Caroline (mom), Alden, and boy Carson came over to party. For those who are counting that is two adults for five babies (all 4-6 months old). From all accounts that I heard it was a great time for all. Next time the Critters will be making a trip to Alden and boy Carson's house to play.

Reese and Alden

Carson and Carson.

The whole crew. (From left to right: Reese, Hadley, girl Carson, boy Carson, and Alden)


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