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Friday, April 16, 2010

Child of the 80s, Amongst Other Things

I was scrolling through the interweb the other day and came upon a picture that took me back to my childhood:

The good ole Gummy Bears who bounced here and there and everywhere. Man have cartoons gone downhill. With today's Japanese Anime you have to worry about a seizure with all of the flashing lights going on. The only thing that you had to worry about with the Gummy Bears is whether or not Evil Duke Igthorn would learn the secret recipe of gummi berry juice so he can take over the kingdom. Life seemed so much simpler back then. I can remember the excitement of getting up Saturday mornings at 7:00 to start watching cartoons. Rian and I had the TV on last Saturday morning and the cartoons these days look like some sort of twisted nightmare.

I really hope that the Critters enjoy and appreciate the cartoons that their parents watched. The definitely had an innocence about them. The most violent thing that you got was GI JOE, which would be approved for infants these days. There were so many great cartoons when I was growing up I wanted to list a few for the Critters:

I wish that The Critters could enjoy the simpler times like I got to back then. It just seems that everything is such a hustle and bustle these days. I am really trying to slow it down and enjoy every moment that I have with them. It is still hard for me to comprehend that they are almost a year old. It is amazing and yet sad at the same time how quickly things move. I had gotten myself in a pretty good rut a few months back and really had a hard time enjoying much of everything. It wasn't fair to Rian, The Critters, and especially me. I was missing too much of what the Critters were offering me. I want to be able to give The Critters the same enjoyment that I had in my younger years. Thankfully I am crawling out of the rut and am really concentrating on the blessings that I have in my life. While I don't want time to move quickly at all I am super excited about watching "old school" cartoons with them and doing "guys' breakfast out with Reese" on Saturdays. Sorry for the rambling but I just wanted to let the Critters know that I truly am thankful for them and I think that Dad is finally getting back to being just that, a Dad.


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