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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not Your Father's Wagon

Not this type of wagon.

I consider myself a little old school when it comes to certain toys for the Critters. One of those toys being a wagon. I remember the days of the good ole metal Radio Flyer. These are probably considered a safety hazard these days due to kids hitting their heads on it or knocking out teeth.

The old metal Radio Flyers have been replaced with plastic and wood but I guess that their spirit lives on. I have also noticed that these new wagons have this revolutionary safety device in them, seat belts. Back on up, say what? I know, seat belts. School buses still don't have them but a wagon with a top speed of three miles an hour does.

Grandma Barbara approached me about getting the Critters a wagon to cruise the neighborhood with and asked me which kind I liked. She had bought a "new" Radio Flyer, but I told her that I liked the Step2 wagons. The wagon that I really like is called the Choo Choo Wagon but that is been discontinued until this Fall when Step2 plans to reintroduce it. Grandma Barbara ended up getting the Step2 Wagon for Two and the optional Tag-Along. Let me tell you this thing is great. It is pretty funny though that the Tag-Along says in multiple places that it is not meant to carry a child. Don't worry I did the research and many parents of multiples do this. Once again I find this rather humorous because the reason that it is not meant to be used by a child is that it doesn't have a seat belt. Really?

Here are a few pics of the troops:

Oh and here is a picture of the wagon that Reese wanted that was vetoed, apparently Jesse James is in the business of kids wagons also.


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  1. Like the oregon trail reference! That wagon looks awesome. I bet you are the only person who read the instructions for that thing. I would just rely on my inner genious for a friggin wagon!The tag a long is cool! They look happy and comfortable :)