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Friday, April 30, 2010

Year in Review - By the Numbers

One year ago I was spending my nights in the hospital on the very roomy, smaller than a single bed, pull-out in Rian's room. It is amazing to see how far both Rian, the Critters, and I have come in that year. While it has been the toughest thing that both of us have done, bar exam included, it has also been the most rewarding experience either of us will ever have. It is truly a treat every time we walk into their room on the morning only to be treated to three beaming faces.

Well here we go, here is a rundown of year one in numbers:

1. 5 star NICU stay - $512,500 (Thanks United.)

2. Diapers - 8,280 (I averaged it out, error range +/- 30.)

3. Formula - $3,039 (Luckily we were able to get some from the pediatrician.)

4. Bottles - 1,680 (That is a lot of shaking, except for the few ready made formula jugs we got.)

5. Baths - 1,020 (We are probably the cause of the AL/GA/FL water dispute.)

6. Naps - In excess of 1,000 nap, duration of the naps definitely ran the gamut.

7. Sleepless Nights - 46 (Give or take 10.)

8. Teeth - 7.5 (Brother is still working on one, so I gave him .5.)

9. Number of Square feet of our House lost to Baby Stuff - 150 sq. ft. (I guess that's not too bad for triplets.)

10. Smiles - too many to count (Cheesy I know, but it really is the best thing ever.)

Here's to a great year and many more to come. Thanks again to everyone who is following the blog.


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