Who are these Critters you speak of?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Music (or the Art of Teaching Children About What I Consider Good Music)

While it may seem like a trivial issue to most music is a big issue to me. I really what the Critters to enjoy music, real music not just the "children's stuff" that is pushed on them. As many of you know I absofreakinlutly despise children's music. I literally cringe when I hear it. I don't mean to offend anyone but I just can't bring myself to even consider it "music." I as I write this mini rant I am coming to the realization that it will probably be a losing battle, but I will try my damnedest to have them listen to the Beatles, Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, and Tom Petty before Dora the Explorer or the Backyardasomethings.

Rian and I are doing our best to introduce them to our tastes in music. Rian's taste is a little more modern than mine. Rian's choices in radio slightly differ from mine, she has it fixed on 104.9 and 101.5 (both modern - think Rian Secrest). I am generally a fan of what people these days consider "classic rock." Since when is R.E.M. considered classic rock? Really, I saw them in concert in the late nineties, that's not classic.

So far Rian has introduced them to the following: Lady Gaga, Ke$ha (Brother loves her), Beyonce, Jason Derulo (sp), Katy Perry (Brother is a big fan), and The Kings of Leon.

I have tried to introduce them to the Grateful Dead, Phish, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Cat Stevens, and Zeppelin.

I will tell you guys something that has made me very happy in this whole quest. The Critters absolutely love Jimmy Buffett. I love the fact that they appreciate and seemingly get excited when his music comes on. I love the fact that when I come home from work some days I walk into Jimmy blaring from the stereo. It is funny to watch the Critters every Sunday morning (99.9 Hank FM in Tallahassee plays Margaritaville Radio every Sunday morning) on the way to church clap and seemingly rock their heads to Buffett songs.

Sorry for this random post, the subject popped in my head as I was listening to the Grateful Dead's, Rockin' the Rhein yesterday at my desk.


Edit: I completely forgot about the Rockabye Baby CD's. They take classic rock/rock bands and recreate their music using five instruments (no vocals). These CD's are great, I have even found myself listening to them.


  1. LOVE the Rockabye Baby CDs! Totally agree with you on the music, luckily my son is in love with my husbands record player :o)

  2. John would LOVE this post! LOL. And ditto on those CDs!! Fisher listens to the Pink Floyd every night when going to bed! :) Unfortunately, doesn't change that he LOVES all of those annoying shows with the even more annoying songs! :)