Who are these Critters you speak of?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Visitors from the VA

The Critters and I had some visitors down from Virginia to keep us company while Rian was at her conference. My Dad stopped by the house for a quick stay. We had a great time and he was truly amazed at how quickly the Critters are shooting up. He was also a little surprised at how mobile the two girls are.

He got to truly experience feeding time with the Critters as we went to Piggy's BBQ on Wednesday, kids eat free. They are gonna hate to see us come soon. Well the kids love the veggie plate there. I think that Reese also loves that they seem to hire rather attractive females to dish you your food. As hard as he tried he could not convince one to come have some dinner with him. After some good BBQ we headed home to met up with Rian and watch FSU baseball tank in another College World Series.

Some Pics:

Brother and Grandpa Dave.

Grandpa Dave leading the drum circle.

CarCar and Grandpa Dave.

Grandpa Dave, the Critters and me.

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  1. This may post in duplicate, sorry. Grandpa Dave looks like a hoot! The Critters are getting so BIG- we may need an update on their weight and height and all, maybe even a Critter Olympic trials or something interesting like that.... who does what these days....with photo proof :)