Who are these Critters you speak of?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fifteen Months

You should see a number 15 if you are not color deficient like me, if you are you probably see a number 17.

The Critters have been around for fifteen months now, I can hardly believe how fast time has gone. It seems just like yesterday that Rian and I were up at the NICU daily visiting them. Now the girls are both running around and Brother is fast on their heals, he is scooting around with the help of furniture. The Critters personalities have become very apparent and it is funny seeing each one express that personality.

Carson: She is the ringleader. She is the one that really chooses not to recognize the word "No." She is adventurous, but she is still timid in many ways. She is the most sensitive by a long shot. She can also melt your heart when she flashes one of her big 'ol CarCar grins. She is a garbage disposal when it comes to food, she hasn't met a food she won't eat. She is also the smallest but believe me she makes her presence known. Finally, she loves her "lovie" more than anything in this world, and lord help you if you give her the wrong one.

Hadley: She is the risk-taker, I believe that she has a little Evil Knievel in her. Hadley is also the whiner, not that its a bad thing, it is just how she chooses to communicate. Hadley tends to follow lockstep with what CarCar does, if CarCar takes a drink Hadley will follow. (It will be interesting to see if Hadley will take on the "big sister" mentality late on down the line. Hadley loves animals, but, and a big but, she likes to be the one to approach them. (It tends to scare her when the make the first move.) She has really curly blondish hair. I really think that Hadley will be able to get what ever she wants later in life when she flashes "the look." (She has the biggest blue eyes that apparently do not let you say no too often.)

Reese: He is the child that always does what he is supposed to. He has gotten much better at moving around and we think it is only a matter of time before he is walking. He has strawberry blond hair. We think he is left handed. He looooooooooooooves the ladies. I think he will be uber-protective of his sisters, even though they torment him. He loves to read (well look at books) and be read to. He loves his momma more than anything. He still uses a binky, but will be off of that soon. He loves his sleep. He is one of the sweetest little Critters that you will ever meet.

We had their fifteen month appointment of Friday and everything checked out well. Dr. Martin was very happy with their growth and development. They are apparently progressing as they should, albeit on their own growth scale. They only had to have two shots but they definitely let us know that they were not too happy about it. That displeasure only lasted until they got a Cake Shop cupcake.


Reese: 24.7 lbs, 32 inches

Hadley: 23.6lbs, 30.5 inches

CarCar: 20.1lbs, 30 inches

Bonus Picture - Rian and I were craving a chocolate milkshake after church last Sunday so we stopped by Steak and Shake. CarCar loved the hat that the waitress gave her.


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