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Thursday, August 5, 2010

About a Boy.

Well it's just me and Brother this weekend. Just the guys, ah, the life of a pseudo-bachelor. I guess it's kind of like the movie above, aside from the fact that I don't look like Hugh Grant and Brother is actually my kid and didn't just start showing up at my door. Oh and the fact that I am not rich, and don't live in London. Hmm, maybe it's not too much like that movie but the post title sounds pretty good.

As I said I am living the life of a single dad of a singleton child this weekend. No wife, no female children in the house. Abbey is still here so I guess there is one female still in the house. Brother has made a few suggestions on what we should do this weekend. First, he will be attending his first feature length movie on Saturday, Despicable Me. He has been waiting patiently to see this. Then we will be off to Dog Et Al for some lunch, specifically a corn dog for Brother. (Don't worry we normally don't feed him stuff like that.) Sunday will be packed full of awesomeness too. It's FSU Fan Day and Brother wants to meet Christian Ponder, oh and he wants to see the FSU Cheerleaders too. After that we are heading over to Doak Campbell Stadium to watch the team practice. I figure after that the little guy will be ready for some good sleep. Rian and the sisters will be back that night and my days of being a singleton father will end.

As I said above there is no resemblance between me and Hugh Grant, but I have been told that I resemble Freddie Prinze, Jr. I know Rian is going to get a kick out of this. When we were in Ireland and after consuming a bit too much Mead, another American Couple seemed to think that I was Freddie Prinze, Jr. I had to burst their bubble and inform them that indeed I did not star in She's All That.

I know you all see the resemblance.


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