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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Off to School!

Well it finally happened. The Critters headed off for their first day of school. Has it already been almost two and a half years? The Critters started preschool at Faith Presbyterian this morning. It was an abbreviated day, only two hours, to get them used to the school setting. Apparently this is similar to a real school, they have a curriculum and everything. I don't believe that I went to preschool this young, but hey, we got to educate these youngsters for some scholarships.

The two teachers that the Critters have are wonderful, Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Pearson. We dropped the crew off this morning and apparently Carson and Reese had a little difficulty right after we left. Hadley could have cared less, she was already off doing her own thing. But the teachers said the after the two calmed down (only 5 minutes) they were great. I was a little worried about their first day but it seemed to go off without a hitch. Lets hope for a great second day on Friday!

Here are some pics from their first day:

Brother is already helping out.

CarCar was a bit apprehensive.

Hadley had a bow in her hair, I am not sure for how long.

Birthday Board.

Of course Hadley headed to the kitchen area.

CarCar getting her bearings.

Hadley found the baby dolls. (And look the bow is still in her hair!)


ps - As you can tell from the lack of posts I have been a bit busy with the girls room conversion. It felt like the never ending reno, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Brother's room is another story. We hope to have the camera out a little more and resume a normal posting schedule.

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  1. oh I love those critters!! glad they did well at school and hope their parents handled it just as well :) Love you all!