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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What were you doing @ 1:30 Monday morning?

Note: We did not see Uncle Jesse at the ER.

Well to say that it has been an interesting past few days would be an understatement. Rian and I both had meetings on Sunday night and we had a crittersitter come over. I had noticed that Hadley was sounding a little raspy before I left but nothing too concerning. She seemed fine when we got back that night but around 9:30 she woke up and did not sound too good. We got her back to sleep but she woke up again around 12:30am. We sat with her on the couch trying to settle her down. She was having quite a coughing fit. It also sounded like she was wheezing and struggling to breath. After some back and forth we decided that we couldn't wait until the morning to take her to the doctor.

Haddie, piggy (luvie), and I headed to the ER at Tallahassee Memorial. It was a painless sign-in and triage experience, but that is where the pleasantries ended. LET ME TELL YOU THAT THERE ARE SOME INTERESTING FOLKS AT THE ER AT 1:30AM. I was able to secure a row of seats far away from everyone and we waited, and waited, oh and we waited some more. Finally we were taken back to a multi person room with some strange guy at the other end of the room. Luckily, there was a lot of separation between him and us. Not sure what was wrong with him but the nurses kept yelling at him about his IV.

Hadley was amazing at the ER. Especially for the fact that we were there until 4:45 in the morning. She had an x-ray to rule out pneumonia and we later found out she has croup. It was pretty funny, after we found out that there was nothing seriously wrong, when Hadley started to pack the diaper bag and stated "Let's go." Luckily we were out of there soon after she started to get antsy.

Hadley finally fell asleep about 5:30am and the others woke her up around 7:00am. She seemed a little better yesterday and slept through the night last night. Today she seems almost back to her normal self, but if you ask her how she feels she will tell you, "No, Haddie no feel toppers." We are gonna hold her out of school tomorrow but she will be ready and raring to go back on Friday.

This was Haddie showing off the teddy bear that the nurses gave her.

This was Haddie packing everything into the diaper bag so we could go home.


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